Reality Addiction- Easy Steps to Rewrite Your Story and Skyrocket Your Business with Shiraz  

Reality is a complex sum of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions, a composition of the stories you tell yourself and the perceptions you hold. While you may not have control over every aspect of your external circumstances, you do have the power to rewrite your reality and become the author of the story in your life. 

We reached out to Shiraz, creator of Energetic Magic , Canadian author, who is dedicating his life to help people overcome illness and poverty and rewrite their story. If you are ready to create your reality and want to break free from outdated self-perceptions, keep reading. In this first article featuring the Energetic Magic concept by Shiraz, we will explore practical steps to help you rewrite your reality and become the author of your own story.

Life has a way of teaching us profound lessons, and for Shiraz, the biggest lesson he learned was that your beliefs shape your reality. This realisation, that your internal world creates your external experiences, opened a new level of possibilities for him. With this understanding, Shiraz decided to change his beliefs and witness the transformation of his new reality. Little did he know that this principle would manifest in a life-altering way.

At the age of twenty-two, Shiraz’s life took an unexpected turn when he was struck by arthritis. The pain he endured was far beyond the ordinary, as he struggled to perform basic tasks and found himself crawling in agony. Having witnessed his mother’s reliance on medications and the detrimental side effects they brought, he was determined to find an alternative. If he was to limit himself to traditional advice  he would rely on arthritis medication, but he made a conscious decision to find a better path. 

Fate led Shiraz to an Ayurvedic Centre in India, where he sought treatment for his condition. Although the specific program he initially sought was no longer available, he decided to explore other therapies offered at the centre. It was here that the universe intervened in ways he could not have anticipated. During his stay, a creator of the Combined Therapy program, which fascinated Shiraz, arrived unexpectedly. Seizing the opportunity, Shiraz underwent the program, which explores into the belief that most diseases are psychosomatic. 

While the physical effects of these diseases are real, the root causes often reside in your mental states, causing a state of dis-ease within yourself. In essence, the treatment he received resembled sessions with a psychiatrist, diving into his childhood and uncovering the hidden cause of his arthritis, but with a meaningful difference. 

I was once stuck in the same life, having the same days over and over. In my case, I suffered through arthritis for years, watching my body slowly deteriorate, until I discovered that what I was experiencing was a reality addiction. When I removed the addiction, the arthritis went away OVERNIGHT.

Right now, you are in a reality addiction of your own. It could be to struggle or lack or illness like I was, or something else. It took me eighteen years to get out of my addiction. I can help you get out of yours much faster. Imagine if the results in your life started to change within weeks. What if they started to change within days? It’s possible.


What Shiraz discovered was profound. The pain he experienced was linked to an unconscious belief system that compelled him to assume responsibility for others, stemming from his mother’s illness during his childhood. This realisation marked a turning point in his life. Determined to no longer shoulder the burdens of others, Shiraz made a conscious decision to prioritise his own well-being and let go of the weight of responsibility.

The next morning, all the pain and inflammation that had plagued him for years vanished. It was a tangible demonstration of the power of belief and the ability to rewrite your reality. Magically, Shiraz was now on a path of healing and recovery.

I was once stuck in the same life, having the same days over and over. In my case, I suffered through arthritis for years, watching my body slowly deteriorate, until I discovered that what I was experiencing was a reality addiction. When I removed the addiction, the arthritis went away OVERNIGHT.

Break Free from the Grip of Reality Addiction

Have you ever considered the possibility that you might be unknowingly addicted to your current circumstances? What if the challenges you’ve faced and the lack of success you’ve experienced were not simply a string of misfortunes, but rather a result of an unconscious addiction to a particular reality? And what if, despite your best efforts to succeed, this addiction has been pulling you in the opposite direction?

If you have found yourself growing frustrated with temporary or lacklustre results in your business, it’s crucial to recognize that the problem lies not in your actions, but rather in who you have become addicted to being. The time has come to break free from this fear-based addiction. It’s time to reveal the powerhouse that lies hidden beneath the surface. It’s time to unleash your true potential upon the world.

By shedding the shackles of reality addiction, you will step into a new realm of possibilities. With newfound clarity and purpose, you will soar to greater heights than you ever thought possible. Embrace the transformation, embrace your authentic self, and watch as the world responds to the incredible impact you are capable of making.

The Power of Identity

Are you held back by old notions of who you are? Are you struggling to reach your full potential and achieve the success you desire? It may be time to challenge your identity and embrace the power of rewriting your story. Your sense of self plays a crucial role in shaping your life, and shedding limiting beliefs can open the door to personal growth and limitless possibilities.

The Influence of Perceptions 

From an early age, we are shaped by the perceptions of those around us. Family members, for example, may form fixed ideas about our abilities or characteristics. These perceptions become ingrained and affect how we see ourselves. They can have a lasting impact, as we internalise these external viewpoints and develop subconscious “rules” about who we are. However, these rules often fail to capture the full extent of our potential, leading to self-sabotage and missed opportunities for success.

Challenging Self- imposed Rules

Your self-perception is influenced by internal rules and expectations you develop over time. These rules can dictate your behaviour and decision-making, often without you realising it. When you attempt to step outside of these boundaries, discomfort and self-sabotage can arise. For instance, someone who believes that wealth breaks an internal rule may unconsciously undermine their own business ventures, blocking their potential for financial success. Recognizing and challenging these self-imposed rules is essential for personal growth and breaking free from limitations.

The Danger of Outdated Identity

Even a positive identity can become limiting if you cling to it without allowing room for growth and change. Holding onto past achievements or roles can create a stagnant mindset, preventing you from exploring new possibilities and avenues for personal alignment. For instance, an individual who was once the star quarterback of a high school football team may find themselves stuck in the glory days, unable to move forward and discover new passions or talents.

Embracing the Complexity of Identity

Your identity is complex and ever-evolving. No single moment or aspect should define your entire life. Each person is a mosaic of experiences, talents, and aspirations. Embracing the complexity of your identity allows you to break free from limiting narratives and explore the full spectrum of your potential. By recognizing that your identity is greater than the sum of your experiences, you open yourself up to new possibilities and personal transformation.

The Power of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Your self-perceptions shape your reality through the power of self-fulfilling prophecies. The beliefs you hold about yourself send messages to your mind and body, influencing your behaviour and actions. If you convince yourself that you are incapable of remembering names, for example, we will hinder your efforts to improve your memory. Understanding this power allows you to reshape your inner narrative, rewrite your story, and set yourself on a path towards success.

Breaking free from outdated identities and limiting beliefs is crucial for personal growth and unlocking our full potential. By challenging perceptions, breaking internal rules, and embracing the complexity of your identity, you can break free from limitations and open yourself up to new opportunities. Recognizing the power of self-fulfilling prophecies empowers you to rewrite your story and embark on a journey of personal transformation. It’s time to shed the constraints of old narratives, embrace the power of your identity, and unlock a world of infinite possibilities.

How To Rewrite Reality: A Powerful Guide to Become the Author of the Stories in Your Life

In “How To Rewrite Reality ,” Shiraz masterfully imparts essential lessons on the art of changing your story, drawing from both his personal experiences and those of his clients. With an unwavering focus on the profound impact of your narrative, Shiraz highlights how your story shapes your reality, beyond age, culture, beliefs, or religion. This is not just another book but a powerful tool to shift perspectives and redefine your existence. Shiraz’s ability to distil complex concepts into accessible wisdom makes this book a valuable resource for business success.

The lessons within “How To Rewrite Reality” offer a roadmap to transform our limiting narratives and embrace a new narrative of empowerment and fulfilment. Shiraz’s deep understanding of the human psyche is evident as he unravels the intricate connections between our beliefs and the realities we manifest.

“How To Rewrite Reality” is a compelling work that will resonate with readers seeking positive change in their lives. Whether you are an entrepreneur, professional, or simply an individual seeking personal growth, this book will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact, guiding you towards a life of purpose and abundance.

About Shiraz

Inspired by his own journey, Shiraz developed his own system called Energetic Magic, rooted in the understanding that your beliefs create your reality. With this transformative approach, he has helped countless business people shift their realities, sometimes within a single one-hour session. While some individuals prefer gradual changes, others have experienced monumental shifts, leading to dramatic transformations in their lives.

Through his coaching programs, workshops, and classes, Shiraz empowers individuals to overcome limitations in various aspects of their lives, including money, success, health, and relationships. Drawing from his personal experiences of conquering illness and poverty, he guides others to unleash their true potential and create the realities they desire.

Shiraz is not only a gifted coach but also a captivating public speaker. His talks inspire and motivate, but more importantly, they produce an immediate shift in your belief system and lead to change your inner narrative. Shiraz’s mission is to continue touching lives and helping individuals rewrite their realities, offering a guiding light to those seeking personal and transformative growth.

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