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There are people who read books about war, people who wrote books about war and there are people who survived war. After losing everyone and everything, survivors of conflict face an alien-like reality, their only option is to rebuild their life from the ground up. Each must find new ways of living with their memories and at the same time, create a new path into their own present.

It is hard to imagine the heart wrenching experiences they each carry along, harrowing and incomprehensible to people like you and me who grew up in away from the grasp of armed conflict.  Each  of their stories is a chance to learn how to conquer your own fears. They must find the strength to overcome their own tarnished perceptions of life, powered by a deep desire to create and deliver a meaningful destiny.

One such survivor is Silvija Popovic , now a mindset and a business strategist living in Germany, her journey to redefine her destiny and life purpose after surviving a bloody civil war is a reminder to each of us that no matter your past you can build your own future.

“I was deeply affected by the civil war in Croatia, my home country. Having experienced our house being destroyed, losing family members and many other wartime atrocities, I was robbed of a huge chunk of my childhood.

All these experiences, however, did not kill the spirit in me. They just made me stronger and an even greater believer that every bad situation contains a seed of good. And I believe that good prevails. I learned that God is more powerful than any attack or any enemy ever can be.

With a thankful heart, I can say that I would not change a single day of these painful experiences, as they all helped me become the strong and open-hearted leader that I am today. Thanks to the pain I had to overcome, I now deeply understand the pain of all nations and nationalities that have experienced, and still experience war to this day.“

The war might have been over but the events that took place had left Silvija deeply scarred. She fought with her own-self as well as her faith as she tried to come to terms with what happened.

“My inspiration is in God. Some people call it the Universe; people use different names to express their faith.

I went through different spiritual battles, from losing my faith, to new age beliefs, and now I am proud to say that I am a  born again Christian. Now I accept and honour every religion in the world, every human being without any judgemental feelings.

Having experienced war and losing everything, from being sexually abused as a child, rape, being financially totally broke and hungry, emotionally abused, deep depression, to finding my peace and unconditional love and support in my life and my business, I give all my praise to God and Jesus Christ.”

Today Silvija speaks on stages all over the world (Los Angeles, Budapest, Amsterdam, Zurich, Munich, London, Zagreb…) on the topic of “Innovation Mindset”. She uses her own experiences to guide others to a  more fulfilling life, both professionally and spiritually. Two things she believes are intrinsically linked although not understood. 

“I combine the latest scientific research on the human mind-heart connection, and I bring awareness that science and spirituality cannot be separated anymore. Not in life, and not in business. How we think and what we focus on will expand.

I show people that there are universal laws that all successful people throughout history have applied to achieve  their success, to make their ideas come alive and to make an impact.”

Silvija is also the monthly editor for several international magazines and a radio host for “Secrets of Success” on Expat Radio (Germany), she is working with industry leaders, helping them to overcome any mindset obstacles that are preventing them from making a meaningful impact.

“We all have ideas, and the only thing that separates which idea will actually see the light of day is the mindset behind the idea. Leaders often need practical steps on mindset and business development that will help them understand why their idea is the one that humanity is waiting for.

I love expanding and challenging people’s minds and hearts by showing them that no matter how far they have come in life, no matter how successful or unsuccessful they feel that they are, there is always more that can be done. There are always more people to help. There is always more good to be done, more space to expand the mind and heart.

Why do so many adults abandon their dreams and ideas in the cave of somebody else’s beliefs, through unconscious patterns inherited from their parents? Through lack of awareness these patterns are then duplicated further onto their own children.

Coming from an educational background, I had the chance to personally experience the importance of how you think and how strongly this could influence you in every situation and in every single event in life.

We are all born only with two fears: fear of falling and fear of loud noises. Every other fear is learned, duplication of someone from environment and the root is always in the childhood. I love to help leaders to find the sentences, situations and patterns that are dis-empowering them, sabotaging their success. All fears start in childhood, and through lack of awareness these patterns are then duplicated further onto our own children. It is complex process but with the right mentor, it can be solved.

Free from fear and limitation

 A couple of years ago there was an incident that profoundly changed my perspective on this subject. Its actually the reason I am a coach today.

At the time I was a teacher and on a particularly hot Friday afternoon, a little boy accidentally locked himself inside his mothers car.  Somehow he took her car keys and it was one of those moments that just happen so fast, no one has time to react.

It was boiling, the car was in direct sunlight and this small child was visibly getting weaker, going limp. There was a mad panic as we realised he really was dying before our eyes!

I rushed to this huge 4×4 with the first thing I could reach for to try and smash the window. All I had was the tiniest toy hammer, one that children use for their projects in school. Every time I tried to break the window, it just bounced back. I will never forget the way that little boy looked at me with his big brown eyes.

On the third attempt I called out to God and hit again with all my force and finally I shattered that window into a thousand little pieces. The boy’s life was saved!

When the firemen arrived, they congratulated me for saving his life but the real fulfilment came from the feeling I had inside my heart.

From that moment, I knew in my heart, with every fibre of my being, that I was born to help others. I am here on earth to free the human spirit from fear and limitation.

I looked up and said: “No matter what it takes, lead me. Show me the way. Help me to see who it is that I need to become, where it is that I need to go.”

Literally two weeks later, I was head hunted by a consultation firm. I took it as the sign I asked for and I after passing my exams I started my own consulting company and achieved business success in a relatively short period of time.

Since then I have come to realise that companies who invest in developing the full potential of their employees, are the ones who will dominate the market. In a world where automation and AI will increasingly shrinking the number of jobs available to people we will need to find a better way to perform. Behind people’s wealth and success, there is a hidden spiritual world with laws that are applied in sales, processes, systems, communication and all other aspects of business. And these laws apply whether you know about them or not, whether someone believes in them or not.

Unfortunately, many organisations’ only focus is on improving systems and processes, implementing artificial intelligence in their services, maybe offering workshops for their employees from time to time, without realising that there is a “new” and far more powerful way of doing business. This is actually based on ancient universal law which has been known and implemented by successful people for hundreds and thousands of years.

By working with management teams and offering innovative ways to solving problems, I challenge and break old systems and paradigms in companies.

I share my solution with both organisations that want to bring innovative solutions to their teams and  strong individual leaders, tired of not reaching their full potential and want to be recognised in the market place.

My role is to bring awareness to a world where we as human beings are now ready to combine spiritual and scientific aspects in business, in order to reach our highest potential, so that innovation can be expressed to a larger extension them ever before in human history…”

Progress through Mindset Innovation

“A great coach shows you the way, saves you money and holds you accountable to become your full potential.Investing in myself and coaching is one of the best decisions I have ever made and if you are reading this I highly recommend you to find yourself a good coach who will help you achieve your goals faster.

Speaking at Business conferences, I became an innovative, motivational and inspirational keynote speaker, I speak on Mind and Heart connections and how it can help leaders and nations create a lasting change to their economy.

Few months ago, I had the opportunity to share the stage with Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple), Hugh Hilton (Hilton Hotels), Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson and John Travolta (three A-list Hollywood actors) where I delivered a speech on Mindset and Innovation to more than 2500 entrepreneur from 72 countries across the globe.

This experience made me aware, once more, that each one of us receive their natural gift at birth but to live your life with purpose is to master your gift each day.

Finally, I would love to share with the readers a quote by Nikola Tesla that has become my life motto:

“The power of the true woman is so great that I believe if a beautiful woman – that is to say, one beautiful in spirit, in manner and in thought, in fact, beautiful in every respect, a sort of goddess – were to appear suddenly on earth, she could command the whole world. Her leadership, I believe, would be universally recognized. 

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Dr Marina Nani
Dr Marina Nani


Dr Nani is the Founder of Sovereign Magazine. She is also Editor-in-Chief of Sovereign's sister publication, Rich Woman Magazine. Passionately advocating for Social Edification, Dr Marina Nani is coining a new industry, MAKE THE NEWS ( MTN) with the aim to diagnose and close the achievement gap globally. Founder of RICH WOMAN SOCIETY™ Marina believes that there is a genius ( Stardust) in each individual, regardless past and present circumstances; "not recognising the talent in each individual, leaves our society at loss. Sharing the good news makes a significant difference on your perception about yourself, your industry and your community."

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