“Knowing we are part of this  beautiful and seamless  tapestry of life  should be humbling and  joyful. Being in the moment, and not victim to the robbers of time which are the past and future,  opens up space and time and their natural state of peace.” Ysanne Lewis, Award winning Author, Art of Timing Expert

By Ysanne Lewis

The words inner peace become important at a time period when there is so much uncertainty and upheaval on the world stage. With uncertainty comes fear – one of the opposites of peace.

Finding a pivot point within is an essential tool now.

‘The peace that passeth all understanding’ is a beautiful but mysterious spiritual saying. Like time, peace eludes or escapes us when we try to hold onto it or look for it.  I see peace as a beautiful place in that geographical landscape within us which we can visit at any time. It cannot be kidnapped, taken away without our permission or truly damaged.  Like love, it is as perennial as the grass,’ to use words from the beautiful poem ‘Desiderata’.

 Everything has an opposite. We wouldn’t appreciate peaceful feelings without knowing their opposite. Part of the human condition, and being here on Earth in bodily form, is being aware of complementary energies and polarities. And yet… the ‘peace that passeth all understanding’ feels somehow above and beyond this.  We have to live in the world, yet… know we have access to invisible and beautiful states of being at any moment. We don’t have to wait till we are very old to simplify things and appreciate peaceful things and thoughts or to have a resolution to a problem and feel relief and think that is peace.

 Look at peace as a choice we continually can make in quiet or busy moments. It then comes quietly as a visitor and, as we lay our minds on its shoulders, peace comes upon us…

 I have worked happily as a Timing adviser and astrologer for a few decades now and I understand how peaceful moments, whether we are being active or not, are vital for our wellbeing.

 With timing, pauses, gaps in time and silences are so valuable. How would a piece of music or a dance be without pauses between notes, and movements? These are simple truths but we think we can ignore them in our busy days and thoughts.  Our natural diarists are happy when we get that flow right. We are the only species who rarely obey our diurnal rhythms. Yet, our bodies come from nature and stardust, even though our souls are from and of eternity. Nature and the cosmos work with the bigger picture – the whole. Human ego separates and disrupts.

 Knowing we are part of this beautiful and seamless tapestry of life should be humbling and joyful. Being in the moment, and not victim to the robbers of time which are the past and future, opens up space and time and their natural state of peace.

 Mindfulness and meditation have become increasingly popular of late: yet we  choose to visit that timeless place of peace within us by inwardly stepping in a different direction and saying hello to it.

Like time, peace becomes a companion and a dear friend who can walk beside us even when its opposites of tension, annoyances, doubts are there also. Acceptance is the key. Nothing can change until we allow the shadows their say.  Unless we accept their presence first pushing them away starts to cast dark shadows and they can pop up in unexpected places and times!

With acceptance we can then see non- peacefulness dissolve and, with grace, allow in new light. 

 What do our inner Timekeepers say about the peace within – our birth right and legitimate ‘character’ in our lives? It has as much right as other parts of us to be on stage.

We can soften our hearts and the barriers and have an understanding of the planetary movements and our link with nature which give us the keys to be more at peace in a tumultuous world where the blame culture has increasingly had a major role.  Dissolving the inner defences, enemies and fortifications and beautifying the peace table in our hearts, creates space for trust and peace at the table.  This is a useful visualisation.  Mistrust is a big breeder of hate down the line. It is infectious.  

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For myself, I find that recognising how we are all one and interconnected gives me a true sense of belonging and peacefulness. Loneliness is one of the least peaceful states. Knowing we are beautifully part of a dancing web of energy and can align with the threads between the cosmos, each other and nature can be a wakeup call so we become part of the rhythm of life and creation.

 When we sense a mismatch between ourselves and externals, that is the time to re connect with this place called peace within.

 Kairos –  the quality of time – so different to clock time and calendars –  takes us into that place of peace. It is different to chronological time. It happens when we know the right or opportune time to surrender. The ancient Greeks saw this time of Kairos as a letting God or allowing the higher self to have a guiding rein.

When we try too hard and do not trust simplicity we are out of EASE. Think of the word dis-ease! Our bodies and hearts do not lie.  (Even though our minds can.) They will give us promptings and our bodies will behave in uncomfortable ways when we are not at peace or in time and tune with the universe – uni meaning ‘one’.

“Being of one mind” and looking in the same direction, with Peace its lodestone and north star, is a beautiful picture and aim.

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Ysanne Lewis
Ysanne Lewis

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