The simple truth about Risk Taking

“Risk takers are more likely to be successful because they do not limit themselves and willingly put in their energy when others hesitate.” Donia Youssef

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8 Reasons Risk Takers Are More Likely to Champion their Life

By Donia Youssef

I remember back in my teen days I sat doing one of those job predicator tests as I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do and mine came out with a dog warden! A job that was not quite on my agenda!

Is choosing the ‘right’ path what matters?  In my experience knowing what ignites my passion defined my path. Once you’ve figured out what brings you joy, you don’t have to worry about finding the ‘right path’ Any path will take you there once you have figured out your passion then the rewards will come, and it’s an exciting learning journey. I started to follow my dreams at the age of 35. My dreams did not come alone, they brought in the confidence to ultimately take the steps and those risks into the next destination. It’s never too late!

I set up my own company Tiny Angels- a Modelling and Acting Agency from scratch back in April 2013 and now we are the leaders in the field with an amazing team on board. I have recently set up Tiny Angels Press a publishing house in which I am producing a book series to help cancer survivors publish their stories and inspire people all over the world.  As a mother of  two beautiful girls I was 39 when my cancer diagnosis struck back in April 2017 and I wrote a book for my daughters to understand the new reality we were facing as a family. When the Monster in Mummy ranked no 1 on Amazon, I couldn’t feel more grateful for empowering other mothers who were struggling to tell their toddler what cancer is. 

My life became special when I decided to achieve something to help others. Regardless how challenging the path is, I simply can’t rest until I deliver what I have to offer in this lifetime. I learned to never let my fear get the better of me as fear is what stops you achieving your dreams.

Taking a risk to achieve a goal requires courage to face the fear of uncertainty. No matter the outcome, either way, we grow through the process and become more resilient and confident. Better yet, building those skills helps in taking more risks and improves the chances of achieving future goals which I strongly believe.

Many people are turned off by risks. It is easier and more comfortable to sit down in the safe spot and wait for things to happen while you are asleep. But taking risks distinguishes the doers from the sleepers. While the sleepers are still waiting for the best moment to act, the risk taker takers have caught the rewards already. Risk takers are more likely to be successful because they do not limit themselves and willingly put in their energy when others hesitate.

First simple rule in life: If you don’t go after what you want. You’ll never have it. Take risks. No risk- No return. Go get it. Donia Youssef

They experience a passion in every risk they take

With risk comes a fire, a burning push to keep you going and reach the finish line. Most times people who are adventurous are the ones who take risk. It ignites them with a zeal to reach new heights and enthusiasm empowers them to be more creative and prepared to win.

They stand out

People who take risk are bold. A small percentage of the world population shows courage but is so endearing when that happens! With courage also comes confidence and compassion. When every other person withdraws, the courageous is willing to stay the course. This makes risk takers leaders as they are anointed to be by their own self.

They gain knowledge

The pain you know doesn’t hurt. It is actually what you don’t know hurting you. Knowledge is vital to success. Risk takers can identify such knowledge because they will undergo a process that will provide not only the knowledge but the resources they need to succeed. Through such knowledge they can navigate any distance and sail through difficult waters.

They pursue success

Risk takers know success won’t fall in your lap. Chase and hunt for it. That is what they do when they take risks. They are shooting for the sky amidst the storm. Through that chase they find seemingly rare opportunities that may never have been found if they had waited. Risk takers are active and ready for the pursuit of success.

They are not afraid of failure

The more risk you take the less you see anything that can stop you. You are practically unstoppable because risk taking has strengthened your will to keep ongoing no matter what. Fear is a mental block that hinders you from achieving your dreams and becoming successful. Risk takers face that fear with an open mind and go through it with laser precision.

They set a higher standard

Risk takers are prided with dreaming big. It all starts from having an experience that changed their perception. After attaining something worthwhile from previous actions they took, risk takers want to get more because they know is possible. With every risk comes the will to be above their average self and trudge into newer and undefined destinations. 

They learn all the way through

It is not simply about knowledge. They discover themselves and harness their own inner strength. Against certain opinions is important to know: risk takers are not stupid. They are smart. Because of the learning and knowledge, they garner through many processes they can understand what they can take and what they cannot take. They don’t just dip themselves into every risk, rather they dip themselves after perusing the areas and dimensions of what they are about to pursue. Then they go for it.

They change

There is nothing static with risk takers. They attain more freedom and flexibility and they know it is not enough to want them. Taking a risk helps you to either define a change or adapt to a change. Risk takers can never be stuck with the tide. Rather, they move with it and set the tone for even bigger changes. Doing something different could mean discomfort and redirection. How large is your comfort zone? Could bear your mark and bring you the life you want? Risk takers will always make their own rules!


Next edition I will discuss properties and have some exciting news to reveal…..




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Donia Youssef
Donia Youssef