Making Your Office More Eco Friendly

We must all do our part to address concerns such as climate change, deforestation, and pollution in order to better preserve our world for future generations. It is critical that all businesses take initiatives to become more ecologically friendly. Companies should demonstrate that what they’re doing is as effective, sustainable, and greener than their competitors, from supply chain to production, packaging to raw materials. There are also several straightforward ways to make day-to-day activities more eco-friendly, in addition to looking at the fundamentals of an enterprise.

Use Tech And Ditch Paper

There is no longer a need to mail paper bills and invoices. Bills send via email and app alerts are the easiest option. People can also pay by direct debit and with online banking, these things are all routine these days, so embrace the 21st century and go paperless. If you’ve previously offered customers the choice of paperless billing but had limited take-up, consider an opt-in for paper bills rather than an opt-out or even a discount or incentive to not have a paper bill. You’ll undoubtedly find that the majority of your customers are eager to go online.

Make Recycling Second Nature

In every business trying to be more green, encouraging recycling and reusing is imperative. You could sell branded reusable things like grocery bags and coffee mugs if you run a retail store. If you own an office, make sure you have the appropriate recycling bins on hand and encourage your employees to use the best green practises, if you have a bigger warehouse company look at recycling machines and how you can use them. Even simple things like encouraging staff to bring their lunches in reusable containers.

Try Saving How Much Water You Use

Conserving water is an important step into being a more environmentally aware company. Instead of individual office workers washing dirty dishes by hand throughout the day, you could utilise a dishwasher in the office kitchen to wash all of the dirty dishes together. You might also use dual flush toilets in the toilets, which use very little water and push faucets to minimise wasting water. You may also consider installing a rain barrel outside your company to gather rainwater for your workplace plants and grassy areas which need watering, especially in the summer, you could even use it to flush your toilets!

Encourage A Better Commute, If A Commute At All?

Encourage employees to leave their cars at home and ride the bus, carpool with co-workers, or polish off their bikes in the shed. These are all greener alternatives that are healthier for the environment, their health, and possibly even their money. You could also incentivize it or make it a challenge to encourage folks to make the switch. You could even get rid of the commute altogether. Since the pandemic, working from home has been a must for the business, but it is also better from a cost and environmental point of view. Less traffic on the roads of people commuting every day. 

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