Starting and Boosting Your Childcare Business: 3 Points to Keep in Mind

Most British households have two working parents, so there is more than enough scope for the nursery business to flourish. Whether you are only just starting out or you have plans to expand your existing business, the following pointers should prove to be useful.

Check for Staff Compliance

If you are already running a registered childcare business, then you know all the regulations and requirements, as mandated by the government. However, you will still need to check for applicable compliance factors, prior to expanding the business beyond its current size.

For those getting into the trade now, here’s a quick look at two of the most important EYFS staff compliance factors as mandated by the Department for Education (DfE) for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) facilities:

  • All staff working there must have at least a Level 2 Diploma in EYFS from an institution recognised by the DfE.
  • Managerial post(s) must be filled by individual(s) who have completed at least a Level 3 Diploma in EYFS.

For more clarity on the staff qualification requirements, visit this government page which has all the details you will need for ensuring compliance. You do not need to have any EYFS qualifications as the proprietor/investor, but without the necessary qualification, you won’t be able to act as your childcare facility’s manager either.

Invest in a Functional Nursery Management System

What defines any good management system as being functional is its ability to improve the concerned business’s efficiency in real life scenarios. To be able to get that from their software system, the central management system must be developed typically for that very segment.

For reference, let’s look at Nursery Story, which is a popular nursery management software preferred for its simplicity. Among other things, Nursery Story minimises admin duties by automating as much of the paperwork as possible, while keeping the admin updated about changes in the government’s compliance regulations.

As a result, staff can devote more time, energy, and attention to the children under their care. A nursery where the staff have more time for the children will consequently become a better place for your little clients, as well as transforming into a more efficient and productive business over time.

Highlight Your Nursery’s Safety Aspects

Every registered nursery and childcare provider must remain compliant with all safety and precautionary measures, as mandated by the government. However, do not assume that parents will immediately recognise that fact and believe your establishment to be just as compliant as it should be. In other words, if parents are going to trust a place to keep children safe in their absence, you will need to market the safety measures that you have taken to ensure that.

As we are in the middle of a global pandemic right now, stress on the measures taken by your nursery to safeguard the children left under its care. Take the steps which should be taken, but also let your target clients (parents) know that you are indeed taking them. Assurance of safety helps build confidence and business simultaneously, especially in childcare.

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