Guided by an ‘Intelligent Energy’, Ballard stresses that healing is not ‘magic’ or ‘spiritual’, simply a pure connection with the Universal Energy of Life.

Douglas Douglas Ballard on The Universal Energy of Life

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” 


A remarkable story of a businessman turned healer. Douglas Ballard discovered from a young age that he had an extraordinary healing touch. Despite challenging doubts from family, friends and the business community, Douglas became a full-time healer as his down-to-earth approach of ‘Energy-based’ healing was welcomed across the World with remarkable success.  

Guided by an ‘Intelligent Energy’, Ballard stresses that healing is not ‘magic’ or ‘spiritual’, simply a pure connection with the Universal Energy of Life.
Douglas Ballard

In today’s world, the principle thrust of medical treatment is mainly pharmacology-led. Sheer volume of patients, extending age and change of lifestyle amongst the young is placing unbelievable pressures on healthcare.  Cost limitations in general practice restrict treatments on offer by the NHS, prescription pads abound, advertising suggests we ‘beat’ the illness or indeed ‘kill it’ and appeals for research funding which is fed back into the pharmacological wheel. Illness is often seen as an enemy rather that the body and mind giving warning signs or processing trauma. Credence is given largely to evidence-based trials and unexplained improvement is usually demoted to the level of wishful thinking and placebo.  Thought though, is shifting fundamentally and recent comment from the heads of UK general practice have suggested that doctors will start to consider ‘gut-ecology’ as an adjunct to their reliance on blood tests as their primary form of prognosis. A step towards recognising the role of nutrition and wellbeing. Yet, this still relies on bio-chemical analysis as the entry point of their thinking and the final point of their treatment, yet again with pharmacology, plus perhaps surgery.  The role of physiotherapy is recognised but all these approaches virtually ignore the role of emotion, stress and life management as an approach to illness and well-being.

So, what realistic alternatives exist as we can be confronted with major illness and lesser acute and chronic ailments as they can tip the balance in our lives, particularly if the mind and body are on stress overload in this ‘24/7 never-away-from-a-screen’ society? Alternative and complimentary medicine (CAM) is treated with considerable scepticism and, if it works, a typical medical response, ‘well if it works for you’ is often the answer when positive results are given (strange though that a High Street today is rarely without an osteopath, chiropractors or acupuncturist). Mainstream complimentary medicine is gaining ground in acceptance as conventional medicine does not have all the answers. Understanding the role and acceptance of CAM demands though, that we step out of understanding illness and recovery though the eyes of a chemist and view it through the scope of ourselves as energetic beings.  Humans are literally bundles of energy manifest in physical form. The greatest of our scientists Sir Isaac Newton, in his famous three Laws of Motion, posits that ‘energy never dies, it just changes form (potential energy to kinetic and vice versa). In this sense, we have always been and always will be as energetic forms of Life but at this point in human form. It is our connection with the core of energy that matters.

The celebrated engineer and futurist Nikola Tesla (credited with the creation of the modern alternating electrical supply) said:

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

Tesla also postulated:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” 

Thought energy varies constantly, consciousness and unconsciousness attention of self and our environment, all processing all the time. As humans, we are extremely sensitive to emotions and big changes in emotional levels or events ranging in moments from love, sexual passion, hate, fear anxiety as the mind and body tries to predict outcomes of our next actions, weeks, months and years ahead.  Trauma comes in huge (moving home, divorce, relationship change, finance, work) and small shock in our daily moments (any traveller tracking their wallet, tickets, money, children and luggage can testify to that!) and we store that shock (often as physical and emotional blockages) repeatedly, finally manifest in physical and mental unwellness. We need help in dealing with both the symptoms and causes of this intense life journey. We need help on many different levels some of which have been ignored in the urgency and need to deal with mass illness, the micro-sensitivities of the individual are forgotten and so essential to good health and happiness. So, feet on the ground, how does this help us in our moments of need?

Energy-based healing has been endemic in diverse cultures around the World for millennia. Some 30,000 years ago with the aborigines, energy meridians and acupuncture China, Ayurvedic medicine in India, ancient art of Egyptian energy healing, shamanic healing in Red Indian culture, South American healers, all with evidence pointing to over 5,000 years ago.  Over the ages, there have been incredible healers with a gifted personal touch and the Bible is full of these stories.

“Having a good energy is essential for long-lasting health and happiness”

What you may say is the role of a healer in today’s society, is it a dying ancient art, and how seriously should we take it, and does it work? 

Douglas Ballard talks simply about energy-based healing.  No spirits, no voices, no religion, simply connecting with Universal Energy of which we are all part.  Life is totally connected, he maintains, like the unseen mycelia connecting mushrooms and fungi as they grow, we are all part of the fabric of Life as a whole.  Ballard comments, ‘the fact that it works is not enough for some people’. ‘We often create a whole mystery and culture around simple things in life and healers have always been around in all cultures around the world throughout time’. He maintains that a true healer is flexible to the situation and will work alone or in conjunction with conventional medical practice.  He adds, “I help many people deal with the horrible side-effects of chemotherapy which can be totally energy-draining.  Having a good energy is essential for long-lasting health and happiness, but it is a real challenge in our high-pressure lives”.

But what if it is so simple that in the ‘Great Plan of Life’ we have people that can heal naturally? Ballard comments that healing is a natural part of the human condition and that many of us have the potential to heal others, rather like we all have the potential to play the piano or sing, just a very few though, have the ability to be a concert pianist or a diva. Ballard likens his skills to that of the concert pianist of healing with a very special touch.

Guided by an ‘Intelligent Energy’, Ballard stresses that healing is not ‘magic’ or ‘spiritual’, simply a pure connection with the Universal Energy of Life.

Douglas Ballard came from a humble background in the post-war era; he worked his way up the management ladder to run a substantial company and was chairman of the UK lighting federation.  His story began whilst on holiday skiing in Nevada, when he felt inwardly compelled to approach a lady who had been suffering from severe neck pain for the passed twenty-five years. After placing his hands on her neck, she was out of pain and remained that way.  It stunned him and his slightly embarrassed holiday companions and began his journey as a healer.  At first it was confusing but as he learnt more about channelling this Higher Intelligent Energy it all started to make sense. Travelling from country to country, Douglas created a portfolio of international clients and practice locations, showing that he is indeed the ‘concert pianist’ of healers, and unlike any other. The variety of his work and application to many different situations is evidence alone of his efficacy ranging from alleviating pain in a dental practice in Portugal, to a leading ballerina that travels all the way from Japan, autistic children and many over-worked and stressed businessmen with anxiety, asthma, heart, cancer and stress-related illness. 

Douglas works by laying his hands gently on your shoulders and then maybe moving around the body guided by an ‘Intelligent Energy’.  Some feel a very powerful sense of relaxation, almost overpowering, others a very gentle clarity that emerges.  It can take five days and a passage of treatments if a chronic illness.  Ballard stresses that it is not ‘magic’ or ‘spiritual’, simply a pure connection with the Universal Energy of Life.

For those whom are still sceptical, there is an increasing body of documented scientific studies in support of healing.  Recent studies on Biofield Therapy and Reconnective Healing reveal a powerful recovery rate as an adjunct to cancer treatment, not only in patients but also the wellbeing of the oncology unit. In another study, touch therapies prove even more effective than physiotherapy in cancer treatment recovery, chronic pain and HIV treatment.  The University of Northampton ‘Two meta-analyses of noncontact healing studies’ (2014) documented double blind tests discounting human variables with an adapted version of the SIGN50 scale (Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network – responsible for producing evidence-based clinical practice guidelines), using plant cells as a non-human test subject (so no influences by family, religion etc) to show a positive correlation with healing and the growth of plant cells. 

In simple terms, whether it is a biofield or magnetic touch influence, or something much greater that which we cannot understand with our intellect, nor possibly ever will, testimonials and case studies abound . Douglas Ballard is a very special person with a very unique healing touch and insight into peoples’ lives.  He currently works in central London.

Guided by an ‘Intelligent Energy’, Ballard stresses that healing is not ‘magic’ or ‘spiritual’, simply a pure connection with the Universal Energy of Life.

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