Is Yoga a solution for Fertility?

Yoga is not only a matter of helping posture, but also a way of understanding and managing our own overall health.

Valentina Salonna on Yoga, Science and Acceptance

The multifaceted health benefits of yoga and fertility awareness

“Freedom is being me without anyone’s permission”.

Valentina Sadonna
Yoga is not only a matter of helping posture, but also a way of understanding and managing our own overall health.
Freedom is being me without anyone’s permission- Valentina Salonna

Valentina Salonna has been on the road to self-discovery all her life and has managed to find peace with herself after embracing all she can. She believes that having a deep understanding of the practise can aid a person in every aspect of their life, from physical and mental health to grounding and awareness. She gives an account of her beliefs regarding yoga, as well as her fertility awareness understandings, to further make people aware of the tremendous benefits it can provide to everyone and anyone who is willing to accept it as a lifestyle.

What inspired you to create your business?

Ever since I was young, yoga has been a big part of my life. My father always said to me, “Valentina, you are born to teach the essence of yoga!”, and I started to think, what if he was right? The moment to structure my knowledge and to receive an official acknowledgement of my yogic skills had come, so I signed up to E. S. Y. (Ecole Supérieure de Yogathérapie). I remember my first years of teachings in Epenex with a funny group of young curious scientists; they inspired me a lot!

What problems are you solving? How does it work?

I work predominantly with women and couples all over the world as a yoga therapist, sexologist and fertility awareness counsellor. My goal is to open up man and womankind to a new way of understanding yoga therapy, and I am creating a new way of conceptualising it, bringing together scientific credibility and natural fertility. I am part of the change I want to see in the outside world and therefore, share my experiences with you. I encourage people to remember that if there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm. We do not have to be perfect to be what we want, to do what we want, to have what we want.

Who are the people that could benefit?

Women and couples who want to come back to a conscious sexuality and a healthy approach to fertility, stopping the side effects of birth control pills or any other artificial/mechanic contraceptives. I work with both men and women who want or need to make a difference on this planet before they leave it. Also, I help couples receive the gift of giving birth naturally, especially when there is no more hope according to modern medicine.

What are the challenges in making the public aware of your work?

It can be challenging to make the public understand that yoga is not only a matter of helping posture, but also a way of understanding and managing our own overall health. Something I emphasise during my workshops and conferences is that for me, fertility awareness is much more than simply a method for natural contraception or a contraception aid. It is, in all respects, a lifestyle. Socially and anthropologically, we are living in a very interesting and innovative time! In human history, the correct, consistent and reliable practice of the symptothermal method is very recent, as interest in the woman’s cycle has arisen only recently. Women themselves haven’t focused on themselves as individuals for a long time.

Who is one person that you admire the most? Why?

For me, it’s Nelson Mandela – interestingly, not a woman. I greatly admire how a human being can remain human despite his role, his job, his convictions, his limits and his resources. His power of forgiveness and his capacity to remain humble and above it all, despite the injustice is more than an appropriate example for me. It is a reminder to stay worthy and enough, no matter what life throws at you. Mandela’s life is, to me, a tool to manage the infinite; a way to stay fertile and available to life’s proposals, even when your freedom is taken.

Yoga is not only a matter of helping posture, but also a way of understanding and managing our own overall health.

About: Valentina Salonna is originally from Italy and is currently in her final year of studying for her PhD in Life Sciences, “Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness”, at the University of Lausanne. Her field of expertise is yoga, and both in the frame of this discipline and the art of living, Valentina became an entrepreneur, a yoga teacher and therapist, a sexologist and an expert in fertility awareness and natural conception.

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