Unraveling Wirecard: From Tech Titan to Scandal – Money20/20 Exclusive with Investigative Journalist Dan McCrum

A deep dive into the Wirecard saga, with insights from the journalist who brought down a fintech giant. Witness the scandal that shook the world of finance.

In the world of Fintech, few stories have made waves as much as the downfall of Wirecard. From an acclaimed fintech titan to a scandal-ridden enterprise, Wirecard’s saga is a roller coaster ride of deception, intrigue, and tenacity.

Dan McCrum, the mastermind behind the Financial Times’ ‘Inside Wirecard’ series, is set to share his journey in an upcoming session titled “Wirecard: The Fascinating Downfall of a Fraudulent Fintech,” at Money20/20 Europe. His relentless pursuit of the truth, amidst formidable challenges and risks, led to the exposure of Wirecard’s fraudulent practices, ultimately bringing down the billion-dollar empire.

The Wirecard scandal, serves as a stark reminder of the potential dark side of rapidly advancing fintech. Wirecard, once hailed as the beacon of Germany’s fintech revolution, was revealed to have a gaping hole of about 1.9 billion euros in its accounts – money that probably never existed.

McCrum’s investigative journey was anything but smooth. He faced legal threats, a smear campaign, and even surveillance. Yet, he and his team remained undeterred, and their tenacity ultimately paid off. Their efforts are captured in the Emmy-nominated documentary “SKANDAL! Bringing Down Wirecard” which has gripped Netflix viewers worldwide.

In the upcoming session, McCrum will share his firsthand account of the relentless pursuit of truth. Attendees will get a rare opportunity to learn about the challenges faced, the risks taken, and the sheer perseverance required in investigative journalism.

With three weeks until showtime, grab your pass today to get in the front seat to what’s new, what’s next and what you absolutely can’t afford to miss.

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