The Super Achiever

Dr Kuiljeit Uppaal was always an over-achiever. A polymath with a huge number of awards and achievements, Dr Uppaal is trying to change the world. And she is succeeding too!

The ‘Scientistpreneur & Genius Polymath’ Making Global Social Impact

Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal is a testament to dreams being actualised by sheer determination, knowledge, and hard work. Born to an Indian Air Force Officer, she grew up indulging in multiple areas beyond just academics, including music, dance, sports and other creative pursuits. She eventually traversed a myriad of industries during her professional journey including research, aviation education, image management, information technology, advertising and media. Armed with a PhD in Image Management, three Masters degrees in different areas, and several other certifications, today she has nearly three decades of work experience.

Her journey in life has undoubtedly been that of a super achiever. From being the World’s First Image Scientist, honoured with several awards for excellence in the world of innovation, education and social impact, she has made India proud by being the proud recipient of the ‘World Innovation Award – Hall of Fame Honour’ 2019, ‘Innovative Education Leadership Award for Excellence in Social Innovation & Global Impact’ 2019, ‘World Education Award for Innovation’ 2018 and ‘Global Iconic Leader Creating a Better World’ Award 2016, amongst many other prestigious accolades.

Dr Kuiljeit belies the concept that a‘rolling stone gathers no moss’. She has been awarded with the esteemed ‘Inspirational Polymath’ Award, being an Image Scientist, an Aviator, a CEO and Entrepreneur, a Creative Director, an Author, and an Educationist amongst others.

Over the years and across industries, Dr Kuiljeit was surprised to see that regardless of young professionals coming straight out of college or senior professionals across cadres, there was one denominator that marked a large majority of them. People hugely lacking in presentation and communication skills, image, low self-confidence and self-esteem. This trend bothered her immensely. Destiny nudged her, and threw a golden opportunity her way. Dr Kuiljeit found herself helping hundreds of soldiers’ wives in remote parts of India with their communication, presentation and self-confidence, as well as making them employable through vocational skills. The success of that journey became the turning point for her to understand that she was chosen to be a vital catalyst for her country and global society.

In order to provide scientifically driven and well-tested content to the masses, Dr Kuiljeit decided to delve into in-depth research. Little did she know that this rigorous journey of burning midnight oil for many years would bring her yet another accolade; being proclaimed the World’s First Image Scientist by ‘World Records India’, ‘Asia Book of Records’, ‘Bharat Book of World Records’ and ‘India Book of Records’. Dr Kuiljeit scientifically devised innovative concepts to enhance and manage image like PRIM, D-PRIM, PRIMEA and her own invention, PIQ, the world’s first ever Persona and Image Quotient.

The humanitarian in her had already surfaced with her PSR and dynamic mission, ‘PRIM Worldwide: Mission Possible’, to make a positive difference to the image of the youth and women of India, and across the globe, especially to those who are relatively economically challenged. She has been using her scientific concepts and knowledge in her engagement with the individuals across hemispheres.

In Dr Kuiljeit’s words, it is ‘her duty’ to do something for her beloved country. She wants to help nurture the future crop in building their self-worth, image and confidence. Her work has been globally applauded, and she is a step closer to reaching her first milestone of impacting one million people. She also often spends time educating poor children and trying to ensure inculcation of good values in them, as well as teaching them to live a life of self-respect, away from begging.

Aside from having contributed to the creation of a few hundred educational books in aviation, IT, personality development, customer service, English etc. she has co-authored a book on growth mindsets, bounce backs and success, called ‘Breakthrough’, which is an Amazon #1 Bestseller, and doing the rounds in corporate houses and organisations as a motivational book for professionals and aspirants. Dr. Kuiljeit has dedicated herself to the cause of making a positive difference to the image of people across the world and candidly says “I dream of a global society that is so empowered and enriched, and where the image of individuals is so potent, that it articulates authenticity, stability, consistency and sustainability. It’s a long journey… but I am at it. I have miles to go before I sleep!”

A true example of an extraordinary woman of substance, who chooses to continually and selflessly ‘give’ to global society, and empower through leadership with love, Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal truly epitomizes the true talent of a polymath and a modern Indian woman.

About Dr Kuiljeit Uppaal

Dr Kuiljeit Uppaal was always an over-achiever. A polymath with a huge number of awards and achievements, Dr Uppaal is trying to change the world. And she is succeeding too!

Dr Kuiljeit Uppaal is an image scientist and the CEO of training consultancy, Krea ( ). Dr Kuiljeit is also a Educationist, Pilot, Entrepreneur, Author, and Creative Director . Find about more about Dr Kuiljeit here

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