"The greatest source of emotional pain is the negative things you say to yourself " Asmau Ayub

What is that every woman must know about herself?
Asmau hosted a series of interviews with women from around the world “Every Woman Dreams”

“The greatest source of emotional pain is the negative things you say to yourself”

— Asmau Ayub

About Asmau

Asmau Ayub has worked for the past decade in youth development, counseling and child protection. She is a Counseling Psychologist and has dedicated her life to promoting mental health in marginalized communities, providing support to young people with suicidal tendencies and advocating for community wellbeing.

Asmau hailed from one of the marginalized communities in Ghana and her experiences became a pivot that pushes her to serve others. She shares her story to motivate other young girls from her community so they can dare to dream and achieve. In 2012 she founded Rayuwa Foundation, a community nonprofit organization working with grassroot communities in Ghana. Rayuwa Foundation advocates for SDG goals 3,4 and 5 for better education, reducing violence and promoting wellbeing. Her goal is to see young people who wouldn’t otherwise dare to dream big, become great assets to themselves and their communities.


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