Lola Owolabi

‘Think it, see it, live it’ - Lola Owolabi

Think it, see it, live it

— Lola Owolabi

About Lola

As an award-winning leadership /transformational Coach, I have coached and mentored women via my organisations such as Proudtobeme, Women of Destiny and Ebony Business Network. I also hold a masters in coaching and I am also an accredited mediator. I am passionate about women, creativity and entrepreneurship and I’m very keen to see women fulfil their potential and unlock all their latent ability. Through coaching other women, I have understood how low self-esteem’ low self confidence and self-doubt can hinder women, which led me to create organisations which focus on boosting self-esteem /well being, ,as well as the boosting of confidence levels.

Available services

Coaching services for women of all young ages (individual and group) including self esteem and confidence building workshops.

Conveyer of empowerment expeditions for women. Countries visited include Thailand, Greece and Morocco.

Promoter of African artisans

Motivational and inspirational speaker and conference organiser

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t: @lolaowolabi7

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