The Power of Clean Leadership: Learning to Lead with Integrity

New book offers a holistic guide to the corporate and public sector leadership crisis.

International business consultants, McMaster & Brown, passionately believe that leaders need to stop focusing on shareholder value and shift their attention to creating the right conditions to make work a worthwhile experience for all and, in turn, create healthy and profitable organisations.

There is a change in the air. Leaders need to adapt and respond to a new way of working if they are to survive. It’s time for a business revolution, and you’d be brave to turn away and ignore it.

After the turbulent years of the pandemic, the furlough scheme, the great resignation, the great redundancy, and political chaos, there is an urgent need to change how we build and run our businesses. 

In their third book, The Power of Clean Leadership Learning to Lead with Integrity, McMaster & Brown introduce the concept of ‘Clean Leadership’ and point to a new way for CEOs and public sector managers to re-think their approach to leadership.

The book delivers a comprehensive compass, guiding leaders through the intricate landscape of modern business with wisdom that transcends the ordinary.  In the ever-shifting landscape of business, ‘The Power of Clean Leadership‘ emerges as an indispensable beacon for founders, corporate leaders, and aspiring entrepreneurs alike, offering profound insights into the evolving paradigm of doing business. 

Ruth Farenga, the author of Next Level Leadership: Nine Lessons from Conscious Leaders, said, “Where this book stands out is its ability to set out the right conditions needed for people and organisations to thrive.” 

Business leaders see Clean Leadership as a strategic advantage for long-term success, reputation, and stakeholder trust. 

Jaye Cowle, Founder of Launch, the happy performance marketing agency, who is B-Corp certified, said, “If the B Corp movement sets out to transform our economy to benefit all people, communities and the planet, then Clean Leadership is the guidance and methodology/framework of how to create a strong positive company culture and confidently lead a people-first business that will thrive.” 

The pandemic and its aftermath have demonstrated what bad leadership looks like in both business and political arenas. For aspiring leaders and leaders who desire a new way of doing business, Clean Leadership provides a holistic guide and framework to make whole-scale transformation to revolutionise the way you and your colleagues work.

Author Michael McMaster (creator of the intelligent complex adaptive systems theory) and co-author Adrian Brown have been collating their combined 70+ years of knowledge from running businesses, consulting and developing ideas that have worked for clients. It has been a fascinating and timely journey. It’s now time for the business revolution. 

The Power of Clean Leadership is published by Bite-Sized Books and available through Amazon internationally at £12.97.

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Darie Nani
Darie Nani

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