Realign Your Inner Peace

Who doesn’t know this situation…you feel uncomfortable, stressed and all of a sudden you react exactly like your mum or dad did.

Even though you promised yourself to never ever be like that….

How did that happen?? Today we know from the latest research in neuroscience that in stressful situations our subconscious takes over. These impulses are stored like data on a hard disc where everything we have experienced in the first 7 years of our lives. Every child soaks everything up during this time, unfiltered and unconditioned, these emotions are stored in the subconscious. Every person has a different program regarding to his or her first 7 years.

Our life with all our experiences, joy, pain or trauma, all the beliefs, behaviour patterns and preferences of the people surrounding us are stored in our subconscious and they shape the persons we are today.

What we can’t see or touch still seems to be suspect to most people. But today science has built the bridge and proved that the empty space surrounding us is filled with tiny particles that each have  a vibrational field, LIKE a high-tech communicating system It is simple physics.

All my life I trusted my intuition and it got very skilled in my early years to define the mood of the people surrounding me. As a creative and visionary person intuition was the main skill on which I relied the most during my years designing fashion for big brands.

After 13 years in fashion business I got married and when my first daughter was born, my life changed. I started to see more of behavioural patterns I repeated, my husband repeated and more and more I could see the family patterns and what we were unconsciously passing on to our daughters. After a while I started to study systemic work, healing and aura reading. I would go to silent retreats to experience and listen to my own programming and began to redesign my destiny.

When we realise that we do things we actually never wanted to do, we get frustrated or even freeze. We can fall in a pause mode. But this is not life affirming because pause mode is static, and life is the endless continuum of change and expansion. Through our experiences and especially the challenging ones, the ones that seem painful we grow the most and expand our understanding and consciousness. 
My work gives people the opportunity to get out of their pause mode or freeze mode, through a systemic perspective, their view expands and if they dare to feel the charge that is still held on cellular level, the STUCK energy leaves and healing is possible.

Through the new perspective a deep knowledge arises and the understanding gives the ability to drop a backpack that has been passed on through the ancestry over generations. Also, all of a the sudden people can develop an empathy as they gain a deep insight on why people could not behave differently.

This is an energetic work and we simply hack the information from the family energy field, part of the ONE energy field everything is part of.

I help my clients to leave their comfort zone, face their shadows and realise that they are not as bad  as they might think. We each have amazing gifts and I help them to set free the positive energies that support them. It takes courage to do so  but life always rewards us. 

We live in a time where people open up more, yet too many of us still treat yourself superficially. Today we know that body symptoms have an emotional story behind them and it is also the time to grow beyond the expired behaviour and beliefs that we inherited from our parents and ancestors.

The real success is becoming yourself more and more instead of living expired programs stored in your subconscious. 

It is an opportunity, a door, for a process to become more yourself, the one you always were longing for.

My personal reward is when people trust me, open up and share their stories and when I see in peoples eyes a door opened, the new perspective arises, and they drop in this understanding. 

Life has taught me, through my own sometimes very painful  traumatic experience that  all ups and downs in life are a chance to learn something new. My scars have shaped me and I see them as a gift, they are my wings.

Underneath all your stories, scars and fears is your inner peace, that is always available.

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