Christchurch’s tribute awakes solidarity in Great Britain

“You’re my friends. I will keep watch as you pray.”

A meaningful Step of solidarity made by one man

Andrew Graystone, a Christian, 57, from Manchester, stood out the Madina mosque on Friday after learning about the shooting at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, which has left 50 dead.

After he heard about the atrocity that has sent shockwaves throughout the world, Andrew felt that social media is not good enough to express his personal support for the local Muslim community. Instead of watching TV or social media, from a distance, he made a meaningful step to connect with his neighbours and showed up outside the local mosque holding a handwritten cardboard: “ You’re my friends. I will keep watch as you pray”

This handwritten message is now the most important post that social media ever shared, and shows that giving ourselves permission to be kind with our next door neighbours is the first step to have a peaceful community… Andrew made an extraordinary step to remind us all how a simple gesture of kindness can change everything.

Social media inside out

Facebook said it had eliminated as many as 1.5 million videos of this assault from the website in the first 24 hours which “all edited versions of the video that don’t show graphic content” were also being deleted.

Tributes have been paid for the 50 victims while the first bodies have been expected to be released for burial.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she’s seeking guidance on extremist’s potential deportation to Australia but it was too soon to say whether that’s likely. The death toll from Friday’s massacre from the South Island city of Christchurch has climbed to 50 after yet another victim was situated in one of those crime scenes, authorities said on Sunday.

New Zealand’s worst mass shooting in contemporary history is apparently the action of a single gunman who attacked worshippers at two mosques from racial hatred. New Zealand will attempt to go over live-streaming with Facebook, considered to be a well-planned attack as the perpetrator filmed and live-streamed to social websites.

One individual was charged with murder while three additional people apprehended with guns aren’t considered to participate, they said. The terrorist grew up in the tiny Australian town of Grafton and functioned at a local fitness center as a fitness expert, Australia’s Nine News reported. He abandoned his job following the passing of his dad and traveled widely. Turkey has confirmed he spent significant time there and also there are reports that he visited Pakistan, North Korea and Eastern Europe.

Nine minutes in

A manifesto was published online prior to the assault, indicating a racially-motivated act of terrorism. At a rambling document that has heaps of pages ”he says he had been motivated by Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, that had been accountable for the deaths of 77 individuals in 2011.”

The record was delivered to over 30 addresses such as the prime minister’s office about nine minutes prior to the initial emergency calls have been received, Ardern said Sunday. There was not any sign of a time or place of any real attack in the record, ” she explained. “He will surely face the justice system of New Zealand for the terrorist action that he committed ,” she told a press conference on Sunday.

She said the terrorist spent “sporadic amounts of time” at New Zealand and most recently lived in the southern town of Dunedin. He also attended a local health club and was a part of the Bruce Rifle Club at the south Otago city of Milton, local press reported. “It was his intention to keep with his assault.”

Police detained the extremist as he fled in a vehicle from the second mosque, approximately 36 minutes after the initial call of these strikes came . He had been an immediate threat and officials”had to use any force” to influence the arrest”. Two home made bombs were located at the motor vehicle.

Authorities are working to rapidly set the identities of their victims before returning to families for burial consistent with Muslim custom. While no official record was supplied, many names are shown by relatives, one of them people from Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Somalia.

Officials are reviewing if his activities on social websites ought to have brought him to the attention of intelligence agencies.

Gun Legislation

The events have stunned New Zealand, a calm state of just under five thousand people in the South Pacific where gun violence is comparatively rare. There’s been an outpouring of emotion and despair across the nation as it struggles to understand exactly how something really violent could happen. “Now, just 1 individual was charged in connection with such attacks,” Commissioner Mike Bush told reporters. “I won’t be saying anything until we’re totally convinced about how many individuals were involved”

Gun stores reported increased earnings of guns across the nation on Saturday, such as semi-automatics, ammunition and magazines, as people hurried to obtain them before the government will change gun legislation , according to the Newsroom site.

A category-A gun permit is needed to legally purchase the weapons he used, even though there are suggestions that they were modified to make them more deadly.

The Prime Minister indicated she’ll proceed fast to tighten gun laws , saying a ban on semi automatic weapons is one possibility that’ll be shared with ministers tomorrow.

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