Grandma’s Way: How pleasurable eating, real, wholesome, yummy food can defy stress levels, weight issues, lack of energy and low sex drive.

Danna Levy Hoffmann, founder of Organilicious, is a leading health and lifestyle coach and an expert on living a nourishing lifestyle. Unlike her competitors, her solution doesn’t involve dieting or deprivation, instead she focuses on how to engage in pleasurable eating, real, wholesome, yummy food .

“There is no one-diet-fits-all”

Danna Levy Hoffmann

Danna Levy Hoffmann, founder of Organilicious, is a leading health and lifestyle coach and an expert on living a nourishing lifestyle. Unlike her competitors, her solution doesn’t involve dieting or deprivation, instead she focuses on how to engage in pleasurable eating, real, wholesome, yummy food .

Danna offers deliciously sustainable lifestyle-changes, providing women all over Europe with reinvigorated vitality, and smarter eating habits.
Passionate about helping clients create sustainable changes in their diets and daily lifestyles, her program is providing women with sustainable nutrition solutions. Thanks to her soon to be a decade of study and leadership in personal nutrition, she’s helping people reduce the stress and exhaustion that comes with body health and weight issues.

When not using a personal, tailored approach to help clients reach their goals, she can be found leading events and workshops for companies such as Google, UBS, IKEA and Siemens, on the topics of proper nutrition, vitality, healthy eating and living a renewed lifestyle.

A Jamie Oliver Ambassador and self-proclaimed health freak, Danna is a mother of two amazing boys, and the wife of “the most amazing husband alive”.

What inspired you to start Organilicious?

My past life was very diverse, including working in gastronomy and catering, being a graphic designer and photographer, and running Miso Cute Cooking – healthy cooking courses for kids (and their parents). I also studied psychology and I’m happy to say that what I do today brings all of my past experiences together in a beautiful way.

Organilicious was born out of demand. The parents who came to Miso Cute Cooking courses repeatedly asked me to run courses for adults, and come to their homes to guide them to a healthier eating and living. Although I loved working with kids, I realized that the parents needed the guidance and were ready to receive the help I offered.

Many things lead me to where I am today. Most of the credit I always give to my grandmother, whose life revolved around health and food in combination. From a very young age, I knew that entrepreneurship would be in my future. However, discovering that path was a lot more detailed and complex than I expected.

At around the same time that I lost my grandmother to cancer, I was pregnant with my firstborn. At the time I didn’t get a chance to make any major changes in my life. Soon after I gave birth, I was pregnant yet again. About two years after my second child was born, I was overweight, depressed, and miserable. It was then that I received the news that my own mother was diagnosed with, not one, but two types of cancer.

That was the moment that started me off on a wild journey of self discovery. I was determined to get my health back on track, help my loved ones get healthier, and hopefully protect my little family unit as well.

Fast forward a few years later and lots of water under the bridge: I’ve managed to find my health and the passion I need to help other women find a path that’s right for them also (and help them discover their own bodies and needs).

What would you say is the main benefit to your clients?

Typically my clients suffer from high stress levels, weight issues, lack of energy, and/or low sex drive. I tailor a program for each individual, in order to discover sustainable lifestyle changes that increase their vitality, health and self-satisfaction.

My goal is to help each individual find the way that is right for them and their own bodies. I truly believe in bio-individuality. There is no “one-diet-fits-all” and not one way of leading your life. Each person ticks differently and I’m there to help each of them discover the path that’s right for them.

To truly be healthy and feel amazing in our bodies, we need to give it the nutrients it needs, in a sustainable way that doesn’t make us feel deprived. Unfortunately, we are vulnerable to living out the unhealthy habits and conditioning from our parents- this includes what we eat, how we shop, snacking habits, food pre techniques and emotional eating tendencies.

So how does it work?

My 6 month program begins with a health history consultation. This is where I get to know my clients, their struggles, and their needs. Following that, every 2 weeks we have a virtual one-on-one meeting, in order to set goals that help them sustainably overcome their struggles. As their accountability partner, I make sure that these goals are not hard to achieve, and are actually being met.

What’s the biggest challenge you have faced thus far?

I could name a few challenges, but I think the biggest one alongside finances, would be to believe in myself despite what those around might tell me. Our friends and loved ones often worry about our future, and with that, try to convince us to stick to the conventional way of living – get a job, pay the bills, and stop dreaming. I was determined to follow my dream, and was lucky enough to have a supportive husband who helped me pursue it.

Where do you turn for inspiration and why?

Looking at my boys grow, and imagining their future is all the inspiration I need. Guiding them to a well-balanced life and helping them grow to be sensitive and passionate young men, is the reason I wake up each morning and push through.

There are many people in my life whom I admire, and it’s hard to choose just one. But first and foremost, must be my mother followed by Greta Thunberg, Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres. All four ladies believe in a noble cause, and don’t let anything get in their way.

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