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Despite the obvious boom in interest for health and wellness over the past few years, as official statistics are showing, British people are not checking the status of their health enough. It’s becoming a serious concern; especially given that as a nation overall, our health is on the decline – and in some areas, quite dramatically.


Despite the obvious boom in interest for health and wellness over the past few years, as official statistics are showing, British people are not checking the status of their health enough. It’s becoming a serious concern; especially given that as a nation overall, our health is on the decline – and in some areas, quite dramatically.

How a Health MOT with Total Health Now can help you…

Our growing lack of responsibility towards our health and early prevention, plus the flood of junk foods and cheap alcohol upon the country, is having a suffocating effect on the health of our nation – and of future generations too. Yet it doesn’t have to be this way; and it doesn’t have to involve major lifestyle overhauls either. At the Total Health Now clinic (found near Russell Square station in Bloomsbury, London), founders Kostas and Lana Kapelas have established an in-demand Health MOT to resolve this growing problem – and it’s one of the best holistic solutions available.

Whether you need to lose weight, detox, improve energy, overcome allergies or chronic problems, the Health MOT service is the go-to option for many clients. As Kostas and Lana were finding, many people aren’t putting enough emphasis on preventative health-care, only seeking guidance when a serious health issue actually occurs. By this time, the ability to reverse everything is much harder and takes a lot longer. The Health MOT is a service  that can be taken at any time in your life, providing clients with a renewed sense of health and energy. It’s a health saviour.

Why does it matter?

We’re not doing enough to prevent the decline in our health from happening. In 2015, 58% of women and 68% of men were categorised as being overweight or obese. Likewise, between 2015/16, more than one in five children in Reception class, and over one in three children in year six were measured as being obese or overweight. During this same period, there were 525,000 admissions in NHS hospitals where obesity was a factor; and that’s not taking into account other preventable illnesses.

In addition, only 26% of adults were reported as eating five or more portions of fruit or vegetables per day in 2015; and, in 2014, only 52% of 15-year olds were found to eat the recommended daily amount. That means almost half were eating an inadequate and often unhealthy diet – and they hadn’t even reached adulthood.

Although the odd fruit and vegetable being missed from dinner may not seem of grave concern, it has long-term health implications, including obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses. During 2015, of the 495,309 people who died in England that year, 129,147 died because of cardiovascular disease. Almost the same amount of those who died from cancer (138,509 people in England).

What a Health MOT involves…

At Total Health Now, the Health MOT is an effective way of determining your overall wellbeing and health status and identifying key ways for becoming fitter and healthier. The MOT check takes approximately three hours with a qualified health practitioner, who will give you expert support, guidance and advice throughout.

 Using the latest medical screening systems and equipment, readings will be taken to ascertain your cardiovascular, respiratory, nutritional and digestive health. Other important measurements will be taken too, including your heart rate variability, your liver function, the effects of stress on your body, oxygenation and your hydration levels. These will all be analysed by a trained professional.

With all these results, Total Health Now can then quickly produce a personalised report for your current health status, which also outlines any future health risks and diet/lifestyle recommendations. It will show you ways of improving your health to prevent any problems from arising or escalating; and, in some cases, they may even be able to reverse symptoms that you are experiencing, depending on the concern.

During your Health MOT, you will have a:

– Health questionnaire: this will identify any current or potential health problems.

– Non-invasive cardiovascular scan: amongst other key issues, this will look at the state of the artery wall to identify your risk of cardiovascular disease.

– Thermographic intestinal scan: this is also non-invasive and helps your health practitioner identify the levels of mucoid plaque within your intestines, as well as the fat hardening level of your abdomen. Although there is wide debate over mucoid plaque and its effect on the body, the thinking is that it is created by the body to help protect it from toxic compounds and acids, such as those found in medicines like aspirin, alcohol, chemicals, table salt, incomplete digestion and heavy metals.

However, with mucoid plaque in your bowels, your body is unable to function properly, and optimal healing is not able to occur. It is thought mucoid plaque stops nutrients from being properly absorbed, as well as attracts toxins and parasites. This can lead to discomfort and disease, including constipation and bloating, compromised liver and decreased kidney function. The good news, however, is that where this is identified, it can be flushed from your system naturally and effectively.

– Full body composition analysis: during this, your body will be measured for your percentages of fat, water and muscle. This will identify your metabolic age and will allow Total Health Now to give you the most appropriate diet and lifestyle recommendations. An imbalance within these areas can specifically affect your health, especially if you have too little water in the body or too much fat versus muscle. There is a lot that can be done to improve this.

Stress management test: this will help identify the stressors in life that are depleting your energy. It will be scientifically monitored using a BioFeedback sensor to identify your emotional and physical health. Following this, an oxygen test will identify whether you are breathing correctly. It will also assess if you are hyperventilating, and how this will be impacting your health.

– Toxicity test: through this test, Total Health Now will look for toxic heavy metals, pesticides, moulds, bacteria and cosmetic ingredients within your system. As the latest 2017 WHO statistics found, more people living in Britain are likely to die from dirty air than those residing in Sweden, Mexico or America. 

In fact, in the UK, those living there are 64 times more likely to die of air pollution than those living in Sweden. There is a mortality rate of 25.7 for every 100,000 people in Britain – while Sweden’s rate (as the cleanest nation in Europe) was 0.4. In wealthy European nations, the biggest problem was high levels of air pollution from fine particulate matter, with an average of 12.4 micrograms found in each cubic metre of air. This does come behind Germany at 14.4 and Poland at 25.4. Pollutants can include traffic, wood burning, industry, oil and power plants.

Meanwhile, when it comes to beauty products, even some of the most reputable brands are using an astonishing and scary amount of chemicals. These include parabens (which are chemicals linked to cancer), petroleum waxes and formaldehyde. Many people are starting to make the move to natural and organic beauty products, many of which come from Fair Trade sources with biodegradable packaging. Not only does this help your health, but the environment too.

– Bioresonance test: this health screening helps to identify where there are imbalances in the body and what physical and emotional impact these may be having. You will get the results of this in a written report, which will be explained to you by your health practitioner. They will also conduct a lifestyle analysis, exploring any potential health risks.

– Food intolerance test: this is conducted using kinesiology/bioresonance and will enable you to find out which foods are aggravating your gut health. Blood tests are available too if they are deemed necessary.

Managing the results of a Health MOT…

Once all these tests have been completed by Total Health Now, you will have a comprehensive and full picture of your health status, with a series of clear and detailed recommendations on what you need to do moving forwards. A series of bespoke treatments may be advised, depending on your needs.

Many clients who have attended Total Health Now have been thrilled with the results. As David B Robson comments, “My own health and energy have increased and I’m already seeing significant gains in my personal performance, which quickly translate into positive impact upon my business.”

Meanwhile, Ektoras Charalambides notes “I have stopped taking my asthma medication, which I started a few months ago. In addition to that, my general wellbeing has improved – I perform better at sports, I feel healthier and I have more mental clarity. I have also learnt how to make better food choices, as well as which supplements are best for my health and why. I would recommend Total Health Now without any hesitation for everyone, irrelevant of their age or state of health.”

Taking our health forwards…

By tackling our health head-on and holistically, we can certainly be a more productive, happier and healthier nation – and it is the responsibility of all of us to ensure this, employers and employees alike. We don’t need to be filling our bodies with medication in order to survive and thrive. Preventative holistic healthcare is the medicine of the future. When you feel good, everything else benefits too. You’re more alert, engaged and energetic; you also feel more positive about yourself.

Healthcare isn’t just about looking at the symptoms and masking these with drugs like much of medicine can seem. Instead, it’s about getting to the root of the cause and finding ways of eradicating this holistically instead, understanding that every individual is different. There are so many areas of our life that feed into our health, many of which we don’t fully recognise or understand until our health is properly broken down in this way.

To get started with servicing your body, just like you would your car, book your free 15-minute consultation

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