How Sporting Activity Can Boost Team Bonding At Work

While it might not be immediately clear there many similarities between the work and sports environments. If you are looking to establish a strong connection between all within an organisation, then sporting activity as part of the job experience could reap rewards.

The Similarities

They may be performed in vastly different arenas but there is a significant similarity between sports and business. It is often the case that in both, ‘winning is everything’ and with that comes stress. The fine margins between the success or failure of something can weigh heavy in both fields. It is also the case that both sectors can be taxing on the body in the amount of travel. To achieve the best results possible, the environment you are in is key.

The Connection

We are all different, but at work, you will often have to work as a team and do so consistently. Therefore, it becomes important to understand individual people within a group, and what helps them. What happens outside the office for every team member can impact work life. That could be how much sleep you are getting, how your relationships are going, and a host of other issues that may lay on the mind and affect performance. Creating a positive work environment will mean these things are less likely to be exacerbated and have huge benefits on productivity according to reports into the issue .

Practice Makes Perfect

Building a work environment that is conducive to being more successful in results and looking after staff takes consistency. Constantly learning about staff through team bonding not only enables a company to foster the messages it wants to get across about work-related issues in a more relaxed environment but can suggest those willing to consistently commit to the practice of their skills. One way to implement this would be to schedule regular in-work activities or opportunities to take part in sporting activities. Things such as table tennis equipment being made available in breaks and larger organised games of basketball or football every week. Physical activity is fun but will also allow a team to feel more personally connected after things like remote working come to an end. Feeling rewarded and accomplished with small reassurances of how much they are valued is likely to also reduce costs like work absence. An investment in football goal nets like the ones offered at Huck and creating a space that could include other amenities like showers is, therefore, a long-term cost-effective approach. 

Final Result 

Creating a positive and safe space for work is a holistic task. While employees are the workforce, they are also human beings. Companies that take a wider look and consider how to counter the outside influence this brings before it creates issues will benefit.  Compassion that is engendered throughout an organisation gives rise to positive thinking and mutual appreciation. Mindfulness is huge and if an employee believes there are growth opportunities in work, and personally, then it is far easier to keep their services and promote from within. This consistency in experience is invaluable to businesses. 

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