The Importance Of Using SEO & PPC Together

With online businesses seeing huge growth in 2020, these two tactics have never been more crucial.

EO and PPC are two digital advertising techniques that garner a lot of attention. Both ideas focus on search engines, with SEO targeting the organic results and PPC concentrating on paid search.

With online businesses seeing huge growth in 2020, these two tactics have never been more crucial. However, most companies make the error of seeing each idea as the rival of the other. Or, to put it another way, they’re at odds with one another. It’s almost as though you have to choose between SEO or PPC. 

Instead, research suggests that using both SEO and PPC together is the best approach for your business. On their own, they can provide some benefits. Nevertheless, each one lacks something that holds your business back from seeing true results. So, how do they work together to aid your marketing strategy?

Organic search results back up PPC

Having your website at the top of the organic results can help to back up your PPC campaign. Often, people will see a search engine ad and neglect it straight away. They know nothing of the business that’s advertising unless it’s a big brand.

However, if they continue to scroll – and see the same website in the organic results – it adds more power to the advert. They now trust that you are an authentic company as you’re high up in both search results. Thus, you need a good SEO strategy to ensure that you perform well for all the keyword searches that your PPC campaign targets. 

Organic search results reduce the costs of PPC

A PPC strategy will come with a myriad of expenses. Firstly, most companies will work with a PPC agency as the Google Ads platform is ridiculously complicated. Plus, this helps you get a good strategy together – one that will actually work. Alongside this, you pay for every click your adverts get. The more clicks you receive, the more you pay.

However, with a solid SEO strategy, you can get your website high in the organic searches. As mentioned above, many people see the adverts then scroll to the organic searches. If they see your website here, they are more likely to click on it because of the advert above. You look more professional if you’re in both searches, as stated previously. 

Consequently, you don’t actually pay anything to Google. Nobody clicked on your advert, but they arrived on your site. It’s a smart way of slashing the overhead costs as more people click the organic searches than the adverts. Some people will still click the ads, but it helps you gain more exposure without the costs. You can find more information on the iTonic blog regarding SEO and how this affects your company in a positive way. 

Think about it this way, if you use PPC with no SEO, people will wonder where your website is. They see the advert, then get a bit confused as to why you aren’t in the organic results. It doesn’t make you look very trustworthy!

Likewise, if you’re only using SEO, people might overlook your website because they only see it once. However, with a paid result showing above your organic one, you multiple the times your brand is seen. Consumers take note that you’re there twice, convincing them to click on one of your links. 

In conclusion, stop viewing SEO and PPC as two things that can’t coexist. Instead, form your entire marketing campaign around both of them.

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Darie Nani
Darie Nani

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