‘Thank You’ Gifts to Give to Your Remote Workers

Recognition and reward are two of the cornerstones to employee satisfaction. To put it simply, you need to make your employees feel appreciated. When your employees are happy, they work harder, which is better for your business. However, with the rise of remote working, a lot of businesses don’t have a hub or a base anymore. The question is then, how do you reward employees that you don’t see? Let’s get into it. 

A Hamper

Hampers are a great gift to give to staff. There are a lot of services online that you can choose from, like Boxlocal Hampers; they have a range of hampers geared towards different purposes and different price points. You can choose food or drink packages or self-care or pamper packages too. The hampers can be delivered directly to your employees’ door. 

Paid Leave

This depends on how much sense it would make financially for your business. If you want to and you have the capabilities to do so, you could reward your employees with an afternoon off or even a whole day. If they have reached their targets, then rewarding them with paid leave can encourage them and the other members of staff. 

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great gift to reward employees with. They can be sent either postally or via email. You don’t need to know your employees very well to give them a gift card. However, if you aren’t sure what they like, then a gift card is a great idea because it allows them to choose their own reward. You can choose the amount depending on the occasion. 


Investing in a few subscription services can benefit your business. You can give your employees access to these subscription services as a reward for their work. In addition, there are some subscription services which our employees can access to choose their own rewards. Do a bit of research to decide what would work best for your employees and your business overall. 

Social Activities

If your business has been operating remotely for some time, then perhaps one of the best rewards that you can offer your staff is the opportunity to interact with their colleagues. Depending on the locale of your employees, it might take some time and effort to organise, but it is worth it. Your employees get a chance to blow off some steam, but they also reinforce the bonds that they have made remotely, which leads to better collaboration when they return to work. 

Office Equipment/Décor

Working from home isn’t always easy. Most people struggle to find an area within their home that they can work from with comfort and ease. Gifting your employees with little things to make their lives easier works on two levels: it is a gift that they will use and appreciate, but that also makes sense for their productivity and, therefore, the profitability of your business. 

Wrapping Up 

Employee satisfaction is incredibly important for any business, but it can be hard to encourage within a remote workforce. However, small tokens of your appreciation can go a long way in keeping your employees happy and motivated. Think about your current processes and consider overhauling them and incorporating more strategies to reward your staff. 

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