5 Tips for Training Your New Staff

As a manager, you should make developing a training programme for your new hires a priority. It helps them to settle into the rhythm of the business in addition to communicating your expectations of them and helping to increase their productivity. Employees who are trained well experience less delays and seek out help less often than employees who haven’t received adequate training. That being said, if you are new to training employees, then it can be a little daunting, so read on for all the tips you need. 

Establish The Procedures

Before you can begin to train employees, you first need to work out what it is you want them to know. Start by identifying the tasks that your employees will be expected to perform and break these down into steps. This then makes it easier to focus on the different elements of the training programme. You might want to delegate the actual training itself to a member of staff if you don’t have the time to train each new employee.

Training is incredibly important; you need to make sure that within your processes that you are allocating enough time and resources. Training an employee properly means providing the tools and the time for them to learn without pressure. The training itself could take many forms, from hands-on practices to e-learning. Thanks to companies like Create LMS you can create your own e-learning courses. They also have other resources all geared towards helping businesses recruit, train and retain employees.

Onboard Employees Before They Start

Day one at a new job can be nerve-wracking. In fact, most people would regard it as an incredibly stressful experience. You can help to alleviate some of that anxiety by onboarding your employees before they start. Send them a new starter package via email include things like their start time and where they will need to be. Is there any parking or commuting instructions that you need to include? You should also provide an itinerary for their first day, outline what will be covered and what they can expect from you. Detail any equipment that you will be providing them, like a laptop or earphones. You can also provide a schedule of their training sessions, meetings or orientations. Explain a little more about the company culture and the dress code. You could also send them a few suggestions for local cafes for them to hit up for a coffee or their lunch. Finally, don’t forget to include any necessary contact information that they might need.  

Consider the Company Culture

Company cultures can vary from business to business. You should think about this when developing training programmes. You should try to find ways to include company culture in your training practices where possible. Training an employee is all about preparing them for life at your company, and the culture plays a part in that. Think about the values of your company? How can you highlight them to the new starters? The values of the business will affect the day-to-day running of the business. They should be built into almost every aspect of the business. Your employees need to know and understand this belief system in order to excel in your business

Ask for Feedback and Adjust the Programme Accordingly

One of the best things that you can do when developing a training programme is to ask for reviews from your employees as they progress through the system. Ask the employees what elements of the programme they liked or what areas needed work. If you are continually receiving feedback regarding one specific area, then change the way you do things. It might mean taking the time to check everyone’s understanding before moving on. It might mean more hands-on experience or rephrasing some online learning modules. By being receptive to feedback, you can better streamline the programme to make sure that it is as effective as possible when it comes to training your new employee. 

Make Yourself Available

It can take a while for your employees to settle in properly. This means that even after the training period, they might still need some help. Therefore, you should continue to make yourself available to the new hires in case they have any questions or concerns. You could even implement a weekly check-in where you go over their progress. These meetings could continue until both parties are comfortable to stop, or you might already have communicated an end date for them. But, again, the goal is to make sure that your employees feel supported.

Wrapping Up

The effectiveness of your training programmes can have a direct impact on the success of the business. Therefore, developing solid training practices is vital. Use the tips above to overhaul your current training processes. You could even start by asking your current employees their opinion on your training programme. 

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