A Beginner’s Guide to Tachograph Analysis Software

If you are a fleet manager, then you may be familiar with a tachograph. For those of you who are not aware, a tachograph is a smart device fitted inside a vehicle. It records information from a driver’s activity such as speed and distance.

Recording this data can be both time consuming and at times stressful. However, with the help of tachograph analysis software you can make the process run more smoothly. This beginner’s guide will tell you what this software is and why fleet managers choose to use it.

What Is Tachograph Analysis Software?

Tachograph analysis software is a useful tool for fleet managers. Not only does it download tachograph data, but it also stores it and analyses it. It is particularly useful as it informs fleet managers on regulation compliance. The software achieves this through analysing data from vehicles and driver cards. A driver card is required for individuals who are driving a vehicle for commercial purposes. To find out how to apply for a driver card it is advised that you do some online research and visit the government website. 

Where Can I Get This Software From?

Acquiring the use of tachograph software couldn’t be easier. It can all be processed online without the need for time-consuming wait times and a hefty installation price tag. Like any software, most people can have concerns that it may be complicated to get your head around. In this instance, it can be a sensible idea to choose a software from a company where you can trial it. This will help to give you the reassurance that tachograph analysis software is the right fit for your company. You can trial this software at FleetGO who have helped many businesses take control of their fleet and manage their operations more smoothly.

Why Is It Important?

Tachograph analysis should be held of high importance. Not only does it help to save time as opposed to manually processing this data, but it also helps your company avoid hefty fines as a result of regulation breaches. It achieves this through giving clear insights into factors such as a driver’s rest time and sends alerts in the instance of issues such as exceeded driving hours. To find out more information on the regulations commercial drivers must follow then it is advised that you do your research online and visit the government website. 

Tachograph analysis software acts as a legal guide. It Informs fleet managers of issues that may result in a breach, and it gives them a clearer overview into what their drivers are doing. As well as this, it can also be cost-effective for your business. Manually inputting this data is hugely time consuming and may often require a bigger team depending on the size of your fleet. Whereas tachograph analysis software helps to take away that need as it does all the work for you and stores all the necessary data in one place making which also makes it more accessible.  

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