Why Companies Should Focus On Improving Inclusion And Diversity

Promoting and improving diversity and inclusion within all aspects of a company is a vital initiative that many businesses are striving to achieve. Ensuring your company has people from different backgrounds and cultures is crucial to provide a business with a healthy mix of voices, diversity and ideas that can contribute to the strength of a company and the happiness of the workforce.

Encourage BAME Stakeholder Engagement

Your organisation’s stakeholders are a fantastic resource during any change in your company. BAME stakeholder engagement is essential to make the right changes when it comes to improving inclusion and diversity within your business. Implement a stakeholder engagement plan where you can not only identify your stakeholders but take the time to listen and talk to them for effective BAME engagement.

More To Diversity

When we talk about diversity, people often only think of ethnicity and gender; these are the most important facets when discussing diversity, but there are more dimensions to the topic that need to be remembered.

Diversity is what makes the world go round, and more businesses than ever are focusing on sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, ethnicity, age, religion and social backgrounds to diversify the workforce. It’s essential that a company focuses on attracting the best and the most diverse talent. This will transform your office environment into a much happier place where employees from all backgrounds can collaborate on ideas that might not have been thought of without a diverse workforce.

Create Belonging With Inclusion

A diverse workforce won’t make much of a difference if your employees don’t feel comfortable or like they belong at your company. A mistake many businesses make is recruiting a diverse team of talented people without combating inclusion issues first; many employees hired by companies making this mistake quit and move on to organisations offering a better environment. 

Tackle inclusion in all aspects of your business with these helpful tips to help your staff find a lifelong career with your company.

  • Leadership: The inclusion journey needs to be lead from the top; leadership should develop inclusion strategies and demonstrate a commitment to them.
  • People: When recruiting a diverse workforce, it’s important that your existing employees are already on board with the inclusion strategy. Have them involved in the development process so they can understand how to help new hires from underrepresented groups feel at home.
  • Workplace: Once you have a diverse workforce, it’s vital to continue to develop the inclusion strategies within the workplace environment to keep it as up to date and relevant as possible.
  • Measure, Report, and Change: Interactive tools and monthly meetings with your staff will help you understand the environment in your office. It will allow your business to pinpoint any points that arise and develop the necessary changes that are needed to keep your company a diverse and inclusive place to work.

When you take steps to improve inclusion at your company and measure the overall impact of your strategies, your will be able to understand what is working and what needs to be adjusted.

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Darie Nani
Darie Nani

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