3 Ways to Boost your Business Productivity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Boosting business productivity remotely can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Consider the following ways to improve your business’s productivity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Use the ROWE methodology

The ROWE method stands for results-oriented work environment. This method of management style was created to increase productivity when employees do not work in a traditional workplace. Employees are not measured by the number of hours they work, but by the productivity of their output as well as their results. This encourages people to work smarter, rather than longer. While it may not be entirely possible to implement the ROWE method immediately, taking this approach will focus on productivity, not just showing up for work. 

This also allows an increase in freedom for employees who may have to watch their children during the daytime hours and doesn’t demerit employees who prefer working at night or on weekends. Employees are empowered by the freedom of the ROWE methodology and know exactly what is expected of them to finish. 

Incentivizing your employees to simply perform work over specific hours will not increase productivity, even if it seems a convenient way to keep track of your employees. If what you are aiming for is a boost in productivity, requiring your 

employees to be behind their computers are specific times of the day is not the answer. 

To learn more about the ROWE methodology, check out this article

Make the most of online marketing

If you’re having difficultly getting enough traffic to what was previously a busy company, you may want to consider implementing more online marketing to help boost sales and productivity. This is an ideal time to re-prioritize your marketing campaigns, and take the time to analyze how your sales or online presence should be changing in the light of a pandemic that has changed businesses worldwide. If you realize you need help in boosting your website sales, consider checking out this Supple Review to see how they may be able to help you with good digital marketing. 

Consolidate your information

The COVID-19 may have been a rude awakening for you if your business information is scattered across various platforms, unable to be accessed all from one single point. If you and your employees are rummaging through various apps, files, messengers, emails, calendars, and so on, all to find two or three pieces of information they need, the business of your productivity has greatly suffered. 

There is a reason that CRMs exist! They gather all the necessary information and put it in one specific place. However, if you’re using several CRMs, or various services for communicating, rethink how productive this is. (Here’s a hint: it’s not.) It’s time to put effort into centralizing as much information as you can into as few places as possible with business management apps such as Microsoft 365. 

If you can find the same information in several places, there are too many options, and can be even more confusing when an employee is trying to find a specific file. Try to find options that integrate with all the apps you use to improve productivity as your team works remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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