How to Prepare Your Business for Future Exhibitions

Events and exhibitions are off the cards for the moment, as governments around the world have put limits on the amount of people who can be in any given enclosed space at once in order to slow the spread of coronavirus. But this simply means you have more time on your hands to plan and get ready for exhibitions when they start running again – whenever that may be. When it comes down to it, exhibitions are a great opportunity for any small business looking to establish their brand and is also a great chance for larger companies to make lots of sales in a short period of time.

How and When to Start Looking and Planning for Events

At the moment, it’s not entirely clear when exhibitions will be back on. So, keep an eye out on the news, government announcements and announcements on the websites and social media feeds of exhibitions you’d usually be interested in attending. This will all help to give you a good idea of the current situation and will alert you to dates when exhibitions will become a possibility again. Once you have a date, you can start planning.

Steps to prepare your business for an exhibition

Of course, you’re going to need plenty of different things for an exhibition to be a success. When you book your stall, it will generally be empty and plain – just with a power supply. You need to provide the rest. Here are some things to prepare now!

Taking Relevant Precautions

You’re going to want to protect yourself and your staff when you attend an exhibition. Chances are things aren’t just going to snap back to normal immediately when exhibitions are once again open to vendors and the public. So, you’re going to have to take precautions. A good idea is to invest in plenty of PPE, or personal protective equipment. This can include face masks, plenty of hand sanitiser and you may even want to invest in perspex shields to place between places you and your staff will be standing and the public you’ll be engaging with.

Banners and Signs

You need to make your brand blatant at these exhibitions to really stand out from the crowd and draw customers over to you. This can be achieved with commercial HD graphic displays, banners, signs and more. Design them well and use professional printing services for the highest quality finish.

Business Cards

People are bound to ask for business cards. They may see your brand and want to be able to find your website when they get home to make further and future purchases. So, make sure you have plenty of high quality business cards printed too!

These are just the basics of exhibitions. But they will be put back on at some point or another and could prove to be extremely profitable for your business. Hopefully, some of the above information will help you to plan and prepare in the best ways possible!

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Darie Nani
Darie Nani

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