Sonal Dave

Luxury Wedding & Corporate Event Toastmaster and Ceremonies Celebrant

Dare to Dream, Dare to be Different, The World is Your Stage

— Sonal Dave

About Sonal Dave

I believe there are many paths for us to take, people to meet along the way and stories that need to be told. Let’s dare to dream together! 
I am Sonal Dave and I am one of the top Asian female Toastmasters and celebrants in the UK. I am passionate about my art. I call it art as storytelling and creating visionary environments is art. It’s a way of making dreams come true.

Available services

Luxury Wedding & Corporate Event Toastmaster

Ceremonies Celebrant:

  • wedding

  • renewal of vows

  • naming ceremony

  • adoption ceremony

  • Funeral and memorial service

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Click to visit Sonal’s LinkedIn profile or save the image and scan it with the LinkedIn app to start a conversation.

Other ways to connect

f: Sonal Dave Official
ig: @sonal_dave68
fb messenger: @sonaldaveofficial

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