Princess Bright- the Youngest Labour Councillor

Princess Bright- the Youngest Labour Councillor in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

Princess Bright, 22

Princess provides free math tutoring through the Bright Futurez Ltd. Organization to encourage young children. She was elected Young Leader of Havering 2013-15, campaigning against gun and knife crime and antisocial behavior, and increasing youth participation in local politics and social activism. She sat on the Police Consultative Committee as an intermediary between the youth and the police on issues affecting young people and the elderly. She works to empower women as a motivational speaker. She was elected as the youngest local labor councilor, due to her level of involvement in the community. Since the age of 8, she was helping when her mum was a councilor and Princess was campaigning alongside her.

Princess Bright is a 22-Year-Old British devoted Christian,heavily involved in Politics and has a track record of advocating on behalf of others; she has held many leadership posts- from being the Deputy Head Girl of a secondary school in Essex to being the Elected Young Leader of Havering 2013 – 15, Youth Officer for Dagenham and Rainham Constituency Labour Party and now the Youngest Labour Councillor in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, youth advisor to MP Jon Cruddas – Member of Parliament Dagenham and Rainham and Mayoress of the Borough; influenced by her mentor; mother who has been a politician for over 10 years.

Princess has always been passionate about her academics and is known by many as an ambitious go-getter; with a passion for Finance, Women Empowerment and Politics. She recently graduated with 1st Class Honours in Accounting with Financial Management and was commended for her Tenancy and Hard work during university where she also led a vibrant Christian Society and was a Senior Ambassador for the University Business school. Concurrently with her university degree, Princess was studying for the AAT Accounting qualification; making her a part qualified Accountant.

Leadership is at the core of everything Princess does, she is an Alumni of the Powerlist Foundation & Accenture Leadership Programme and is actively involved with her church youth group – RCCG The Masters Sanctuary. Princess has been a private tutor for over 6 Years delivery fantastic results in KS2, GCSE & 11+ Maths Syllabus. She is passionate about giving back to the community and has been involved in many charitable causes. She is a social activist who has led on campaign against Gun and Knife crime, Mental Health Cuts and Invisible disability access. Princess was also recently awarded with the Universal Peace Federation Young Achievers Award for her contribution to the community and inspiring young people to get involved in local campaigns for social change.


Princess is one of the Fourteen Young Achievers who received the 2018 UPF Youth Achievement Award in a ceremony in the Houses of Parliament. If you want to know more about the Courageous Young people who dare to make the change please read Future Leaders Recognized in House of Commons

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