Paula Delgado is a seasoned corporate Happiness Manager, Happiness Trainer, Chief Happiness Officer, Happiness Coach, Entrepreneurship and soft skills Teacher ,International motivational speaker, TEDx speaker. With two decades of invaluable experience in various management roles, specializing in workplace dynamics, entrepreneurship, leadership, team motivation, people management, and customer service excellence. Her journey has been defined by resilience and adaptability.

Having once served as a General Director in the hospitality industry, Paula faced an unexpected setback when the pandemic disrupted her career trajectory. Undeterred, she approached this adversity with unwavering determination and an unyielding spirit. Her persistence ultimately paved the way for a remarkable reinvention.

Paula is a truly inspirational happiness and success coach, a revered mentor, a dynamic trainer, and an influential international motivational speaker. Paula’s journey is a source of motivation and empowerment for those looking to redefine their own paths and thrive amidst change.

Connect with Confidence- Guide to Happy Networking for Introverts

ByPaula DelgadoNov 16, 202320

Networking and happiness are the two sides of the same coin: confidence. Let’s talk about an essential aspect that often raises eyebrows among…

15 Tips to Boost Corporate Happiness for Career Growth

ByPaula DelgadoOct 30, 202315

The pursuit of career growth is often at the forefront of a business executive’s mind. A growing body of research shows a vital…

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