The Smart way to Invest in Your Home

Home investment these days doesn’t only mean installing a new kitchen or bathroom to raise the market price, people these days are also interested in the Energy efficiency of the home, so whether it is for yourself or to improve your home’s market value, investing in eco infrastructure is an excellent idea. In this article, you will find out the best ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home or office and save money as well as adding value to the property.

Solar roof technology 

Solar roof technology has become more efficient and reliable in recent years, Solar cells now use far less space to convert the same amount of energy for use in the homemaking them less expensive and easier to install. 

Installing solar panels will not only reduce your annual energy costs but you will generate extra power that you can then sell back to the grid, one excellent way to improve revenue streams at the same time. That’s not all, solar panels can be attached to the roof to reflect the sun if you live in a warm area and require efficient cooling. 

Energy-efficient windows 

Glass is very conductive and most of the home’s heat is lost this way, through inefficient glass panels. The solution is to use either double or triple glazing in your home to trap the heat generated in the room. 

Energy-efficient windows will also allow heat from the sun to enter the home so you will require heating less often. If you only have single glazing you can still save on Energy cost by hanging heavy curtains. 

Spray Foam Insulation  

Every home needs insulation in the walls to prevent heat from being lost and stop cold air from entering into the building. There are different types of insulation you can choose from but if you want one that works well with different types of home then consider spray foam insulation. 

spray foam insulation uk is very effective because it enters into all the imperfections in the walls and fills them out. In this way, it is better than panel insulation. 

Energy-saving light bulbs 

If you aren’t considering LED light bulbs for your home or office these days then you are overspending on your annual energy costs. Energy-saving light bulbs use LEDs instead of filament bulbs which saves heat, energy and money. 

LED light bulbs are also cheap to buy and last much longer than traditional light bulbs. It’s easy to have LED light bulbs installed in your home or office and they can save you significant sums of money annually. 

Eco appliances 

As well as infrastructure changes like installing solar panels and spray foam insulation, you can save money and energy in your home or office by using eco appliances. Eco appliances are designed to use less energy where possible. 

Even so, an eco appliance will require some intelligence to use. You will have to use it sparingly and follow the instructions for it to operate efficiently. Installing a smart meter to monitor usage is also a good idea. 

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Darie Nani
Darie Nani

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