Is Covid-19 A Big Environmental Lesson For Business?

There are lessons we learn each day but is Covid-19 an environmental lesson? The coronavirus pandemic is casting a different light on the world. 

In every country, businesses that so far rejected the request for flexible work arrangements have been forced to embrace remote teams and allow their employees to work from home. While more and more companies have now taken protective measures to keep their employees safe in the office, some employees are questioning the need to go back. Are you more productive at home? Are you still worried about the pandemic and the risks of contagion? 

How many people actually think :”I want to keep my CO2 emission low” ?

For the first time, the environmental reasoning has a measurable objective. We’ve all noticed visible improvements in the air quality when most cars stayed off the road. 2020 has recorded a record fall in CO2 emissions. For individuals, it brought the sudden realisation that making the planet a greener place is easier than expected. The pandemic seems to have been detrimental to making everyone accountable for their choices. 

Is Covid-19 teaching us a big environmental lesson that we could apply in business?
Can we notice an environmental awareness since crisis started? What are lessons we learned from Covid-19?

What is the Lesson for the Fashion industry?

According to the most recent report by McKinsey and the Bureau of Fashion, 85% of fashion businesses are struggling since the lockdown. Despite keeping their online businesses open for orders, many companies in the fashion industry are finding it hard to remain appealing. Stuck at home, customers question their need for fast fashion. As a result, they buy less. The next step is for businesses to consider making sustainable fashion the next trend. Sustainable fashion could rise in popularity and demand thanks to the pandemic. 

People appreciate wildlife so much they buy more cars

The lockdown has had a surprising effect on wildlife. As the space that is typically occupied by people and human activities became vacant, animals came closer. The residents of Llandudno enjoyed a visit from wild mountain goats. City dwellers woke up to the songs of birds rather than motors. The increased presence of wildlife has forced the urban population to review its perception of cars. Indeed, those who can afford to work from home are choosing to remain in their home office for as long as possible. However, those who didn’t have a car in the first place are now considering switching their public transport card for a vehicle, for safety reasons. Many, therefore, research electric vehicle options, with a growing interest in new e-models, such as the new Jaguar I-Pace, over older models. Unfortunately, the number of cars has been increasing steadily since the British government has removed driving restrictions in England. 

There are lessons we learn each day but is Covid-19 an environmental lesson? The coronavirus pandemic is casting a different light on the world. 
Is Covid-19 changing our environmental attitude?

What is the Environmental Lesson about Pollution?

The positive environmental results recorded during the lockdown may not last. It is likely that the C02 levels will rise again as lockdown restrictions are relaxed. As for pollution, a recent discovery by environmental groups in Europe reveals that destructive human behaviour still exists. A video released by Opération Mer Propre (Operation Clean Sea), showed divers removing disposable masks and gloves from the Mediterranean Sea. The positive habits encouraged by the need for sustainability and eco-friendly transportation have remained sporadic. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has the potential to act as a wakeup call for individuals, showing that the dream of a green planet could still be achievable as long as people are willing to work together. Unfortunately, it appears that the call is to remain unanswered by a large portion of the population.
What is Covid-19’s environmental lesson?
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