CTM: 3 Solutions for Climate Change in Business Travel

On the look out for actionable innovative, cost-effective business travel solutions in the Corporate Travel Management, we reached out to CTM team, Brisbane based firm, to find out about their CTM CLIMATE+ and SMART Data at the Business Travel Show, at Olympia London.

Established in 1994 in Brisbane, Australia, CTM has grown from a two-person start-up into one of the world’s most successful travel management companies. As at 31 December 2019, CTM employed more than 2,600 staff globally across four continents.

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A global action programme

CTM Climate+ was announced this morning at the Business Travel Show in London , where the event’s theme is Conscious Travel. Developed in collaboration with South Pole, it is a reflection of CTM’s commitment to the sustainability of the planet by reducing – and helping its clients to reduce – the impact of business travel on the environment.

The CTM Climate+ action programme provides tools to help CTM’s customers better understand the environmental impact of their travel, and solutions to facilitate their carbon neutrality goals, including a choice of sustainability projects to support. 

“At CTM, we understand and embrace our sustainability responsibilities as an employer and as a business partner and are committed to developing initiatives that provide practical benefits to businesses, the environment and local communities,” said Debbie Carling, CEO Europe

“We believe that travel is important to business performance and that a physically connected world can drive greater cultural understanding, cohesion and collaboration, which enables communities and businesses to prosper. This is why we have developed CTM Climate+ in partnership with South Pole.”

CTM is an award-winning provider of innovative and cost-effective business travel management solutions to the corporate market. Helping companies combat climate change and keep a track of their carbon footprint.
CTM is an award-winning provider of innovative and cost-effective business travel management solutions to the corporate market. Helping companies combat climate change and keep a track of their carbon footprint.


Using CTM’s SMART Data reporting tool, which also launches at Business Travel Show, corporates now have complete visibility of their travel programme’s carbon footprint and ‘at-a-glance’ summary snapshots can be dissected down to individual traveller, trip and supplier level to show:

  • Total CO2 emissions per month
  • Average CO2 emissions per trip and traveller
  • CO2 emissions by service type (air/hotel/car/rail) and by service provider
  • CO2 emissions by fare class
  • Estimated CO2 offset costs per month, per trip and per traveller using the latest Defra calculations


CTM customers can offset the carbon emissions created by their air, hotel, car rental and rail travel through CTM Climate+ by supporting a range of environmental sustainability initiatives, including rainforest conservation, sustainable livelihood programmes, wildlife protection and renewable energy.


CTM will also be showcasing SMART Data; its new proprietary analytics technology that lets travel managers build a genuine 360 view of their travel data and input hypothetical data to predict how changes to their travel programme could optimise future savings.

“We know that better insights lead to better business travel management, and that is why we offer the most flexible, powerful reporting modules in the TMC marketplace providing the data our clients need to make timely and actionable decisions for their business.”

Karen Janssen, Chief Information Officer, CTM Europe.

“SMART Data takes large volumes of customer data, analyses it and presents it back to the travel manager to reveal key trends and patterns, giving companies the opportunity to delve deep into their travel reporting to not only identify large areas of spend, but to provide recommendations and in-depth solutions for better spend management. It’s a step-up from traditional, passive data interpretations and a step towards strategic decision making based on predictive analytics.”

In addition to encouraging sustainability, SMART Data supports:

  • More strategic supplier negotiations
  • KPI tracking
  • An enhanced user experience with customisable reporting based on job function

Don’t miss the infamous CTM Happy Hour, hosted on stand B620 from 3pm both days!

About CTM

CTM is an award-winning provider of innovative and cost-effective travel management solutions to the corporate market. Its proven business strategy combines personalised service excellence with customer facing technology solutions to deliver a return on investment to customers. www.travelctm.co.u k

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