Managing The Tricky Relationship Between Older Employees & Technology

Every single business should look to implement as much technology into its organisation as possible. We are so lucky to be living in an age where there is so much tech for companies to use to their advantage, such as the Nexustek managed IT  services. It can be highly beneficial for businesses of all sizes, but there is one problem with technology that can get in the way of productivity. 

Actually, the problem lies with employees, not the technology itself. Specifically, you could have any number of older employees in your business that aren’t used to using technology. They grew up in a different era, so it’s a much tougher adaptation for them than it is for the younger generation. 

Consequently, you have a tricky relationship between the technology your business uses and your older members of staff. Some people might say, well, why don’t you fire them and bring in some fresh faces? You can’t fire someone for being old, and you also can’t afford to lose the experience and knowledge of an elderly employee. Instead, you need to learn to manage the relationship between tech and them. 

How should you approach this? A number of possibilities present themselves, but there are two simple steps you can take to ensure that older employees have an easier time transitioning to the world of technology. 

Provide on-demand support

Employees can usually find ways to work with the software they use every day. The second point you’ll read in a moment will demonstrate why and how this can be the case. However, older employees tend to struggle when tech issues present themselves. With younger people – your 20-40-year-olds – tech problems aren’t always big issues. If something crashes, these people are tech-savvy enough to know to reboot a system or troubleshoot the issue. It’s simply a case of them growing up in a world of tech, so you pick these skills up. 

Older people don’t have these skills, so they can lose precious working time trying to handle a tech problem. To counter this, your company needs dedicated IT support on demand. This will mean that older employees can contact someone to sort out an issue in a flash, reducing downtime. Having on-demand support could also prevent issues from happening again and again. 

Provide extensive training

Before introducing new technology to your business, be sure to give your employees extensive training. Older employees might need more training than others, so let them take as much time as necessary. This might mean they take a few days off work to learn how to use the software, or you can provide training on the go

The bottom line is that you take the time to teach your employees how to use new software or applications. Instead of throwing them in the deep end, you ease them into the transition and develop their skills – which they will (or should) be thankful for. 

Just like that, you have managed the tricky relationship between older employees and business technology. This should allow you to feel more confident in your staff as everyone is capable of using the technologies that make your business tick. 

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