The Best Ways To Protect Your Home And Business

Have you ever been locked out of your home or business? Has your residence or place of work ever been burglarized? How did those experiences make you feel? When these things happen, as they inevitably do, it leaves you with an unsettling feeling that tends to linger. Instead of feeling frustrated and fraught with worry, take a proactive approach to your security needs. Read on for the top tips to maintain your security and your sanity.

Have an extra set of keys available.

When you are locked out of your home or business, you can certainly call your neighbour or co-worker for a spare set. A few issues may arise with this scenario, however. What if they are out of town or otherwise unreachable? In a worst-case situation, they are not trustworthy and may use the extra keys to gain unauthorized access to your premises. Either of these plot twists is frustrating. 

Rather than relying on the unreliable, contract with a key holding alarm response company that will safeguard your emergency keys. Key holding alarm response staff are highly-trained to handle your unique needs. They are available 24/7, so you will never be without access to your home or business. Additionally, they are thoroughly vetted and professionally trained security guards. 

Professional key holding alarm response businesses can open your building in case of emergencies, as well. If there is a reported utility issue such as a gas leak, they can open your premises for the utility company should you be unavailable. This type of service will bring you immeasurable peace of mind.

Install an alarm system.

Once you have made the decision to install an alarm system, it is time to do your research to determine the best fit for your needs. Some important factors are ease of use, cost, monitoring time frame, and response time. You will want a system that you can maintain and monitor directly from your mobile phone. Your phone is always with you – now your security system will be, as well. If you think you may have forgotten to set the alarm, you can check it right on the corresponding app on your phone. It will save you time and unnecessary worry.

As with anything else, you must maintain the security of your safety word and passcode. If you grant access to home cleaners or building maintenance crews, ensure your alarm system allows for guest access codes. With this option, you can track which codes are used and when.

Look for an alarm system with integrated cameras for better monitoring. With this option, you can view both the inside and outside of your building at any time. Ensure the cameras can withstand the elements so they are operable year-round. As a bonus, the cameras are a fun way to catch your pet in any acts of mischief whilst you are away.

Here is a video guiding you through different ideas on how to protect your home. Some of these can be applied to businesses, as well. 

Never again will you need to hide a key under a rock or give it to a potentially unreliable individual. Once you have made a plan and implemented any of these or other security measures, contact your insurance company. They may offer you an insurance discount if you take extra precautions to secure your assets. You have positive solutions to keep your home and business safe and secure both now and in the future.

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