Modern Shop Design Ideas to Attract Customers into Your Retail Space

Unfortunately, due to the explosion of online shopping in recent years, retailers must pull out all of the stops to work harder than ever to try and attract customers into visiting their bricks and mortar stores. There are many modern design ideas relating to the layout of stores that focus on attracting more customers into going through the doors and into their stores.

Here we have come up with some modern design ideas to try and attract customers into your retail space.

Creative Window Displays

One way to showcase your latest product range is by window displays. We suggest getting creative with your ideas. Get some interesting looking displays that best show off your product and make them look as attractive as possible to consumers. For example, if you’re trying to advertise a new pair of shoes, then you could use a colourful shoe rack and place the shoes at eye height so that members of the public can fully appreciate them as they walk by.  

You may also want to have fun moving objects in your window displays, such as a moving robot or an animal with a wagging tail; these additions will make sure your display captures the attention of customers. 

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Use Attractive Lighting 

Using innovative modern lighting ideas is also a great way to attract customers to your stores. Perhaps you want a lighting system that allows you to be able to project moving images onto the floor of your store? Good lighting is something which can really enhance a shop space, as well as making your products glow and hopefully look better to potential customers.

Use Modern Technology and Screens in Stores

Touchscreens may allow your customers to check if you currently have something in stock that they are after before they even have to speak with a shop assistant or a store employee. Store owners trying to attract an increased number of customers into their stores should embrace modern technology and use it to their advantage. Why not hook up your online website to your in-store shop so that people browsing your website can see live footage of your store and admire its layout in real-time whilst customers are in the store? Setting up a live stream of your store may encourage more people into visiting your interesting business and engaging with it. 

Have Sales Assistants in Stores Wearing Exciting Eye-catching Recognisable Brand Uniforms

A great way to promote your brand is by staff members wearing iconic well-designed uniforms. Customers should be able to easily associate this employee uniform with your brand and the products and services it offers. Make sure the staff uniforms are colourful, original, and leave an impression in the minds of customers.

Play On-Trend Music Through Surround Sound Speaker Systems in Your Stores

Playing the latest on-trend music in your stores not only creates a vibrant atmosphere for the place, but it also makes the store seem as if it caters better for the younger gen z audience demographic. Invest in some reliable surround sound to play entertaining music in your retail stores.

Overall, it is clear the internet and online shopping pose a threat to the survival of bricks and mortar physical retail stores. However, by considering modern shop design ideas for retail stores, store owners should still be able to attract people into visiting their stores. 

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Darie Nani
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