10 Amazing Snapchat Tips for restaurants To Grow Business in 2021

How can you use Snapchat to grow your restaurant business? With over 150 million active users, Snapchat is one of the top social media apps to reach millennials. Here are 10 Snapchat tips for restaurants to start leveraging its benefits for your brand.

If you feel you are struggling to grow your brand among millennials, then we recommend you pay attention to these 10 Snapchat tips for restaurants. These Snapchat restaurant marketing tips will show you how brands can use social media with a bit of creativity to reach the millennial audience. Here are 10 Snapchat tips for restaurants For Grow Business in 2021.

Use a branded Geofilter to promote your new menu items

Geofilters are special Snapchat filters that only appear in a specific location. This means you have the opportunity to advertise your new menu items while they’re available without having to spend money on targeted ads. You can easily create your own filter, and there are multiple templates already available on Snapchat for you to use or adapt from. 

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Video marketing is one of the best ways to grow a brand

You can post multiple videos that show your location to be a fun place for millennials to hang out with friends and family. You can post videos of happy customers that are having the time of their lives, or even create local Snapchat stories that show off your location as a business or restaurant. This will help promote word-of-mouth, and make people more likely to visit your store for an evening out.

Show how long people have to wait to get their food

How many times have you walked into a restaurant to find there isn’t a table available? A big part of the problem is that many restaurants don’t give people an appropriate wait time estimate when they call and book. This is especially the case in restaurants where you end up waiting more than one hour for food. Nowadays, people are very concerned about issues like this, which is why you should make sure to show how long people have to wait on your Snapchat story. That way, customers can easily get a better idea of how long they’ll have to wait, and will be more likely to be patient if there’s a wait.

Post Easter egg hunts

How many times has your waiter dropped something on the floor? Or another customer bumped into your tablet in the middle of a private Instagram Story? If you’re running an Easter egg hunt for some reason, you need to post this on Snapchat as well as YouTube. Your fans will love seeing you on Snapchat, and they’ll have a lot of fun trying to find all the Easter eggs. This way, if your restaurant is a little messy for some reason, at least that won’t be such a big deal.

Make your own “Snapchat ads” (behind the scenes and exclusive content)

Snapchat recently launched ads within stories. This means that you can now create stories for your brand that appear in another user’s story once they’ve seen them. This section is called “Discover”, and you can see all the popular stories in your area. Since Snapchat ads are available for free, you should definitely use them (click here to learn more about how they work). When you create your own story, don’t forget to post a few other snaps from time to time so your audience doesn’t get bored with it.

Post surprise food and beverage specials

If you run a restaurant, then you know that your customers love to get special deals. This is why you should post something like this on Snapchat, as well as on your website and Facebook . Not only do people love getting special deals, but they also love seeing other people get them too. By posting these deals on Snapchat, you can spark up conversations with the other people who see them.

Ask your fans to send in photographs of a cool place they visited recently

You can use Snapchat to build up the hype for your event. You can allow people to post snaps of the event itself, and you should also encourage them to add a bit of text as well. This will make the experience feel more personal and detailed. When it’s all over, add this snap into your page or video on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. Also don’t forget about Twitter!

Get live video from your restaurant

You can use this snapchat filter to get live video from inside your restaurant. Make sure you don’t get too much, or it might seem like the restaurant is deserted. This is why we recommend you play around with your images before starting this feature. You can also post this footage on Facebook and then post a link to it in your Snapchat story. This way, people can see what’s happening inside the restaurant without having to leave their homes!

Create a Snapchat “Story” just for your fans

When creating your own Snapchat page, you can make it follow specific rules. For example, you can filter it to show just people who follow the page, and only allow people who are new to be able to view this content. This makes it a lot easier for your regulars to follow you and see what’s happening at YOUR restaurant! If you want to create a story just for your customers, make sure that you have a section for them where all their favorite food or beverage specialties will appear.

Create Snapchat filters to promote events

One of the most fun things you can do with Snapchat is create “Story” filters for your event. This means that people can add a filter to their story that will make it appear like they’re attending a specific event. This is perfect for VIP fans who get to play an important role in making your events special. If you’re running a music festival, you might want to create a filter that creates the illusion that this is actually happening.

Final Words

Yes, this article has a lot of tips, but you’ll notice that most of them are about how to make your Snapchat stories better. This is because people will find it harder to remember what each one of these tips are if they’re not all on the same page. You need to keep up with the latest trends in order for your content to be good enough for the Snapchat community.

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