Moving Forward With Your Financial Goals in 2020

There is no denying that we have all just been through a mammoth six months of the year due to the global pandemic and outbreak of COVID-19. It has been a very difficult time for so many not able to work or having their lives turned upside down. But, it seems we are now moving on from this time and we face the prospect of the next few months ahead. Your financial goals may have been put on hold, however now is the time to move forward and make some positive changes. With that in mind, here are some suggestions to help you get back on track. 

Check out your current bills and outgoings

Out outgoings can be one of the biggest ways we can save money, but yet many of us don’t even check them regularly to ensure we are paying what we should. Loyalty doesn’t count for much when it comes to your energy providers or internet connections. This is why it’s worth comparing deals to see if you can save any money. Often you will find that energy deals are more lucrative for new customers, so changing can save you quite a bit. The same would work for other bills like the internet, re-mortgages, and even TV providers. You’ll be surprised by how much it could save you. 

Work on reducing your debt

Debt can be one of the biggest things you pay out for after your rent and mortgage payments. Especially if you have debts on different credit or store cards. The problem is that each debt has it’s own interest charge. Meaning it can end up costing you more and taking longer to pay off the debt. However, consolidating your debt into one monthly payment can save you quite a bit overall.  

Is now the time to buy a property?

Moving home may have been a goal for this year, but with things being put on hold it may have scuppered your plans. However, you could now consider making that big move and there are many house bargains to be had out there. If you are wanting to get this process rolling then looking online at places like HMO Finance can help you to find a good mortgage deal. Selling your home could prove lucrative after all the DIY you might have done during lockdown, and it could have given you the ideal time to really consider what you want or need from your next property move. 

Try money making ventures in your spare time

Finally, there are always ways you can make a little extra in your spare time. You may have a hobby that you could turn into an at home business. Thanks to websites like Etsy or eBay it can make selling things much simpler. Or alternatively, if you are creative you might want to consider starting a blog. Even things like filling in surveys can generate a bit of extra income. Every little bit helps. 

Let’s hope these tips help you to push with those financial goals and end the year on a high. 

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Darie Nani
Darie Nani

With a love for all things tech and a gift for breaking down complex subjects into bite-sized pieces, I aim to dish out smart and practical tips to help my readers conquer the ever-shifting digital landscape. I hope to enlighten and inform (and sometimes amuse) my readers with the intel they need to make savvy decisions.

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