What Kinds Of Skills Really Stand Out For Employers?

As an individual looking to make their way in this world, you’re going to be hoping to impress whomever is placed in front of you. You’re by no means desperate or the validation of everyone around you, but you want to stand out in order to elevate yourself above the rest. That kind of ambition and drive is only going to be a good thing as you grow and evolve. Lots of people look to make their way up the ladder of a particular business; others hope to create their own and be the leader instead. Both of these options are as useful as each other if you’re looking to make big bucks.

If you’re opting, at the stage, for the former, then you’ll obviously need to make sure you impress the person who’ll be paying your potential salary. In this day and age, competition is rife, and we just have no idea who we’ll be up against. It’s not like the old days where there may have been a few people in contention – there will now be heaps of talented people looking to fit into the slot you’re hoping to occupy. You need to make sure you have all the skills that they’re looking for.

So, what are those skills? Well, the ones written on the job and person description are obviously important, but it extends beyond those. They’ll have written down what they want, but they’ll look for even more. Each employer will see things differently, and each firm will have a different ethos – they will all tend to have the same kinds of fundamental wants, however. Here are just some skills that you might want to possess and brush up on: 

Organization And Presentation

If you’re able to keep yourself together and organized, then you’re going to impress pretty much every single employer your place yourself in front of. Being able to assemble pretty much every aspect of your life is such a valuable skill. Some people like to work pretty ad hoc and without order, and that’s fine for them, but they will end up running into all kinds of confusion later on down the line. Being an organized person at work shows that you’re also organized in other areas of life and that you’ll be able to plan out work (and life) for years to come. It’s very encouraging. 

Confidence And Charisma 

Confidence is a skill. It’s something that is developed through practice. It doesn’t matter what it is that you feel confident about – your confidence came from knowing that you’re able to handle yourself in that discipline. If you’re generally a confident person overall, that means you’ve probably gathered the life skills over the weeks, months, and years to do so. If you’re confident, then an employer will know this about you and put you nearer to the top of the list. Charisma is developed from this kind of thing, too, as they’ll look for that as they’ll want good speakers who are excellent around others. By no means are they looking for leaders in every position, but someone who can communicate effectively is pretty priceless. 

IT Skills

We’re well into the 21st century now, and people all over the globe are able to work on computers. Most of the work we do today is almost exclusively online or using digital systems, and that’s not going to change for a long, long time. With that said, it’s wise to brush up on some of your IT skills right now. It will not only benefit you personally, but it’s just expected of you these days to know what you’re doing when you’re sitting behind a PC. You should, at the very least, be able to do some of the fundamentals – you’re not expected to know how to open terminal on mac and completely operate the entire system with it, but the simple stuff should be in your mind.

All-Round Competence And Common Sense

This is linked to the idea of possessing lots of confidence, but it’s related to the idea of just knowing what you’re doing when it comes to the basics in both the workplace and in life. Employers will want to bring in somebody that is poised and has all the common sense in the world. They won’t want to step anywhere near somebody who continually has to ask for advice every single day and looks a little shaky. While there’s always room for improvement in why an incompetent individual, they’ll want the finished article right then.

The Hunger To Learn

This isn’t necessarily a skill, but it can be classed as one due to the fact that it’s a case of training your brain into wanting to continue learning . Everything we do is a habit and a skill when you think about it, so getting into the habit of wanting to take in new info is a smart move. Employers want to bring in people that are either competent enough but still want to learn, or a new, fresh face that they can mold into their own. Having the oomph to learn new things every single day will score points with your potential bosses. 

Creativity And Problem-Solving

We all run into roadblocks from time to time, and we all need to figure a few things out every now and again. Creativity isn’t absolutely necessary in life, but it helps so much when looking to find certain ways out of particular situations. The ability to solve problems will score a lot of points with employers as they’ll feel as though they can leave you to your own devices more often than not. 

Positive Mental Attitudes 

Again, it’s not really seen as a skill, but it actually is. A positive attitude is something that has been carved out over years of practice. If you’re more confident, then you’re going to be more inclined to show up and work hard every single day. Negative, pessimistic people will absolutely moan throughout many days and even bring down their co-workers. 

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