‘Mentoring and coaching help people to live empowered lives. Empowered people become ambassadors of change when they believe in themselves!’


‘Mentoring and coaching help people to live empowered lives. Empowered people become ambassadors of change when they believe in themselves!’

Christine Giscombe is the Founder of Born to Excel. With over two decades of successful experience in the corporate environment, she used her skills and understanding of the very changing world, to make an impact and bring positive change.

Christine is a true inspiration across generations and she loves the freedom and lifestyle that empowering others provides. ‘It enables me to work with people from all walks of life, all over the world and be a valuable part of their journey.  I am passionate about combining the power of communication with knowledge and wisdom to help others understand their unique gifts and talents and achieve and succeed in reaching their goals and aspirations in life!  I am the immediate past Chair of the Board of a large charitable organisation.  I am in the pool of mentors for the Branson School of Entrepreneurship in the Caribbean.  I currently work as the Director of Finance & Administration in a high profile set of barristers’ chambers.’ Christine says.

As a young woman, Christine faced adverse challenges in life, and struggled to find her confidence and her voice.  With courage and determination, she made the choice to use her life experiences to shape her destiny and use her voice to impact and change the lives of others.

With over 15 years’ mentoring experience Christine have helped many people make the transition from a negative mindset to a positive place, enabling them to face their challenges, address their fears and embrace their future!

‘I have become the woman that I needed when I was a younger woman eagerly searching for the meaning of life.’   

With over 15 years’ mentoring experience Christine has helped many people make the transition from a negative mindset to a positive place, enabling them to face their challenges, address their fears and embrace their future!

‘The events and life experiences that some young girls have faced are both sensitive and personal and very difficult to share on a public platform.  I meet them at their point of need and work with them in giving them the tools and strategies to change from a negative mindset to a positive mindset, to support them in overcoming their limiting beliefs and increase their confidence. I support them in recognising their potential and understanding the importance of forgiveness of self and of others.  This enables them to shape their destiny and take ownership of their future through setting healthy boundaries and making positive lifestyle choices.  I assist them in embracing their journey, recognising their potential, be excited about their future and celebrating the woman that they are and will become.’

Inspired by her mother, who knew her purpose and instilled a value in her children to look at their own skills, Christine teaches to be prepared for every opportunity and takes her mother’s advice: ‘Never to give up on our dreams.  Always do our best, live good with people and have faith in God!’

Research shows that 70% of girls at the pivotal ages of 14 to 17 avoid normal daily activities, such as attending school, when they feel insecure about their self-image and are unable to see their value or potential abilities. Christine’s workshops and mentoring programs present exclusive benefits for students enrolled in schools, colleges and academies.  ‘ Born to Excel Teens’ educates and supports students in making positive choices, equipping them with life skills both in and outside of school.

Christine made it her life purpose to support young girls going through challenging experiences, emotional or physical harm . She founded Born to Excel Teens’ , providing mentoring and workshop support for young girls and young women (ages 13 – 19 yrs).

As they enter adulthood, the girls could later join other women who enrolled Born to Excel and step up in creating successful and sustainable businesses under the Women Chapter.

Too many women spend their working lives in jobs that do not fulfil their purpose, nor are they able to identified their passion. Born to Excel supports women to transition, use their skills and add value to themselves and others, increase their confidence, use their experience and become purposeful leaders.

Early Intervention – The purpose of Born to Excel is to help young girls discover their passion, purpose, value and take ownership of their destiny to live and empowered life and empower and change the life of others’ Christine tells us.

Born to Excel provides mentoring programmes and workshops for teenagers and coaching for women in business.  I believe that people excel in life, when they know who they are (identity), value and their purpose.’ she adds.

Because of the nature of my work, my sessions are carried out face to face in a safe environment.  These sessions can be delivered weekly, fortnightly or once a month.  The pace is set by the requirements and the needs of the mentee and the support of the parent/guardian.

A Woman on a mission, Christine is not afraid of hard work and is constantly evolving her mentoring practice and raising public awareness of Born to Excel.

She is currently working to secure funding for venue space and resources to carry out workshops for teenagers during school holiday. Investing in leadership development courses through online programs, awareness of the proven benefits of mentoring for young people and leaders of the future. These are just few of the projects which require Christine’s undivided attention. 

Being authentic and transparent, speaking and sharing life experiences with young people is a source of strength. It brings Christine’s determination to heights that she never thought possible before she launched Born to Excel.

‘These conversations enable us to exchange views, gain understanding and deliver solutions that are needed to provide the tools, education and strategies to support young people in becoming future leaders that lead with confidence. ‘

Christine is supporting The 5050 Voices Movement

which is to be launched in London on 26 January 2019

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Dr Marina Nani


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