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Jewellery and fragrance are two very personal things. From buying a piece of jewellery and thoughtfully gifting it to a loved one to choosing your favourite scents to combine into a beautiful perfume, the process is fulfilling and joyful

with Perfume Art Creation and Kolye Jewelry

By Ekaterina Kolye & Goar Sanfilippo

The key to finding something you love is all about sparking emotion. The joy that can be created through exploring emotion and stimulation of the senses is both exciting and fulfilling. And that’s why Ekaterina Kolye of Kolye Jewelery and Goar Sanfilippo of Perfume Art Creation built their businesses using high-quality products to truly spark joy in peoples’ lives.

Jewellery and fragrance are two very personal things. From buying a piece of jewellery and thoughtfully gifting it to a loved one to choosing your favourite scents to combine into a beautiful perfume, the process is fulfilling and joyful, but also requires us to use our senses to make the right choices. Whatever reason you decide to purchase a perfume or piece of jewellery, there is always an element of evaluation through the use of the senses. After all, fragrances and scents can trigger wonderful memories from family, friends and loved ones sharing special moments. From rich woody notes that take your mind to the middle of a beautiful pine forest to subtle cotton-soft scents that remind you of fresh linen, choosing the perfect fragrance is a sensual, personal experience.


Ekaterina Kolye, owner of KOLYE, is a gemmologist and board member of the Swiss Gemological Association. This invaluable role allows Ekaterina to stay at the forefront of the industry, ensuring that she is up-to-date with the latest developments in the jewellery industry, in turn giving KOLYE clients access to a closed circles of exclusive gemstone and jewellery experts.

Ekaterina is passionate about KOLYE and the high-quality, unique pieces that she produces. Having spent years working for jewellery brands and gemstone dealers, she has extensive experience in high-quality jewellery and gemstone trading. Thanks to this background, creating KOLYE has been the perfect opportunity for Ekaterina to work with the worldwide network of contacts that she has built up over the years.

Ekaterina directly visits mines and ethically sources gemstones, choosing only the best stones and best jewellery crafters to produce exclusive, bespoke jewellery. Therefore, KOLYE clients benefit not only from a high-quality piece of jewellery to treasure for a lifetime, but they also benefit from the investment, as the gemstone increases in value over time.  

If you already own a piece of vintage or well-loved jewellery, Ekaterina can breathe new life into it, too.

Whether your ring is missing a precious diamond or your necklace needs updating, this process inspires clients to reminisce about past memories and cherish well-loved pieces once more.


Goar Sanfilippo, owner and initiator of Perfume Art Creation, has the passion for fragrances and art. Her company seamlessly combines both aspects, producing authentic fragrances and art creations. Goar’s fragrance, called Creation, is based on the Galimard products. Already recognised as an intangible cultural heritage of France, the perfume industry in the Grasse area was officially declared as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2018.

Goar took over the distribution of Galimard Perfumes in Switzerland two years ago. For more than 272 years, Parfumerie Galimard has been following the same trusted traditions to guarantee the perfume’s fine quality. Just as it was the case all those centuries ago, Goar’s source of inspiration is the natural resource of Grasse, including jasmine, rose, lavender and orange blossom.

The artistic origin of fragrances inspired Goar to create the Contemporary Art Seasonal Exhibition, which opened in December 2018 for one year at Château Gütsch Red Carpet Gallery in Luzern. Free to attend and open every day, it houses fragranced painted creations, allowing attendees to not only visually explore the artwork but also smell it, allowing for holistic stimulation of the senses.

Goar is also opening a gallery, The Perfume Art Creation, which people can visit to create their own unique fragrances, carefully and thoughtfully choosing notes and scents that evoke personal emotion and feelings. Opening its doors for the first time in November 2019 in a 300-year-old traditional Swiss House in Sennhofstrasse 21 (8125 Zollikerberg in Zurich), this unique experience should not be missed.

Both Ekaterina and Goar are passionate about sparking emotion with their products. They recently hosted a luxury workshop about fragrances, jewellery and their intertwined histories. This presentation focused on colours, and explained how fragrances can be linked with colours, which are then paired with particular gemstones.

If you’re interested in purchasing products from Ekaterina and Goar’s companies or simply want to find out more, visit their websites to delve deeper into their unique, inspiring stories.

Follow Kolye Jewelry on Instagram and you’ll be dazzled by the beautiful gemstones Ekaterina sources from high-quality mines.

The Perfume Art Creation offers a luxury scent experience, ensuring the high quality and originality of every fragrance.

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