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Valbona Mejzini specialises in helping people get their lives back on track. Valbona uses her own journey to help and inspire others.

A helping hand for achieving happiness

Have you ever felt stuck, unhappy with your life but not sure which way to turn? Valbona Mejzini faced this situation a few years ago and decided to visit a life coach to help get on track. Upon the realisation that this approach was highly effective, she had the desire to share her achievements and help others. The visualisation of her goals inspired her to further learn about herself and her potential for success. Her fear diminished, and her confidence, with which she had previously struggled, began to grow dramatically. Mejzini herself became a qualified life coach, set up her own business and has since helped numerous people succeed in achieving their goals.

What motivated you to create your business?

I have an ongoing passion to help people, and I wanted to focus entirely on this through my coaching career. Witnessing changes in my clients as a result of my coaching intervention gave me the motivation and confidence to know that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I felt that I had reached the point where I was ready to take action and pursue my dream to facilitate others to achieve the same. I am extremely compassionate about human suffering, and I feel that I have true understanding of issues such as trauma, financial crises, bereavement and other major life stressors as I have faced some of these myself.

What did you do before becoming a coach?

My career began as a pharmacy technician, before I moved on to a career working for the Refugee Council as a children’s adviser for separated refugee children. I supported them through their asylum process, assisting them with any welfare issues, advising and advocating for them where necessary.

Prior to becoming a life coach, I graduated with a master’s degree in Health Psychology after completing my initial Psychology degree. It was always my passion to further my knowledge about human development.

What’s the biggest challenge you have faced thus far?

My biggest challenge was at the start of my career, being a mother of two boys who were 4 and 5 years old, whilst also working and studying. I had to find a balance between succeeding in my career and trying to raise my children. It was difficult, but the challenge was worth it as both of my children have made me an extremely proud mum, they have achieved great things as one of them is now a qualified pharmacist and the other a quantity surveyor. I must also mention my husband, who was a great support to me during the challenging times and celebrates my achievements with me.

Who are the people that could benefit?

Anyone who is not happy with where they are in life. There are many reasons why a person may not feel able to progress, such as procrastination, lack of confidence or simply not knowing where to start. I have also coached clients with physical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular conditions and even stress related conditions. I work with people who want to change an aspect of their life, but perhaps need a bit of extra help to get there.

Where do you turn for inspiration?

I attend regular coaching communities that are held by qualified coaches from the Academy where we discuss different strategies for dealing with a variety of scenarios. I also follow several well-known coaches on social media so that I can learn from other coaches about issues I may not have dealt with before, whilst also sharing my own experiences.

My father has been my true inspiration since I was a child. He was a highly successful doctor and university professor and taught me that hard work and dedication will always help you succeed in your goals.

About Valbona:

Valbona Mejzini specialises in helping people get their lives back on track. Valbona uses her own journey to help and inspire others.

Valbona Mejzini describes herself as a Confidence and Wellness Coach who helps people reach their goals by coaching them to improve areas in their lives that they are unhappy with. She is an accredited Personal Performance Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programmer and after graduating from the Coaching Academy, the largest academy in the world, she developed the motivation to work towards her own goals.

Coaching differs from counselling, mentoring and consultation in that as a coach, Mejzini does not give advice, suggestions or share her knowledge and experiences. The agenda rests with the client and she is there to aid them in their journey. She believes that all clients have the solutions within themselves to achieve their goal and her priority is to draw them out by using a number of strategies and methods which involve asking open questions, chosen to help the client increase their self-awareness regarding their situation. This, in turn, increases their motivation to move forward and get to where they want to be.

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