Adjusting to the new normal: Are You Ready For Change?

Far from things going back to how they were, we can now see that the new normal in the post Covid-19 world is likely to be with us for some time to come. In this month’s column, Douglas Ballard argues that we need to treat this process as a marathon and not a sprint.

The World has changed and is continuing to change in a way that we have never known before affecting both our personal and business lives.  Many successful businesses are now facing radical change ; burgeoning high street shops (antiques, art, music etc.) are so restricted in what they can do.  How many musical instruments, for example, can be tried in a shop without touching them?  Human ingenuity though, always comes out on top.   Examples of pop-up outdoor music gigs are springing up with taped out bubbles in which you bring your own table, chairs, and glasses, to be served refreshments by the venue provider.  Drive-in cinemas are re-emerging. Door-to-door deliveries have surged in popularity as are domestic improvements.  Indeed, many have found it a positive experience working from home.

As we all adjust to the new normal, are you adapting for change or do you have a sense of internal paralysis?
As we all adjust to the new normal, are you adapting for change or do you have a sense of internal paralysis? Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

But this change process is a marathon, not a sprint. It is going to be with us for at least another two years or more; many changes will take place during that time refashioning our ways.  Moving with the flow, those that tend to be most successful are those that hold a deep self-belief and can see the true reality of their own situation; they are often inspired by a deeper wisdom than the ‘chatterings’ of our mind.  It is easy to become frozen in stress and anxiety when change is forced upon us and when we are restricted to a small space. 

All animals exhibit stress when confined or feel overcrowded.  Our way of life has been to travel to get away for good holidays abroad, or even a ‘sun-snack’ in the winter, with cheap package offers. Snow in the winter and sun in the summer, cruises, adventure week-ends, sports galore and almost limitless personal pursuits like dancing, gigs, clubs, all sorts of skills and courses (like sushi-making yum, yum) for ourselves and our children.  No longer.

Are you adapting for change or do you have a sense of internal paralysis? Some questions are just too big for our minds. As a healer, I channel what I call ‘Intelligent Universal Energy’ which has an extraordinary effect on our minds and bodies.  Healing thousands of people is proof in itself, but for some, the fact it works is not enough. Science lends an insight into how and why healing is so effective by examining how brainwaves work. 

Neuroscientists have discovered that our brain produces measurable brainwaves – the nerve cells in your brain communicate with each other creating electrical impulses measurable by an EEG (electroencephalograph).  There are five types of brainwave patterns: gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta waves. Gamma waves are the fastest and essential for learning and information storage. Beta are the second most rapid and allow you to focus and complete work-based tasks, your analytical mind, allowing you to think quickly, although an excess of which can keep you awake at night when your mind will not stop working, creating stress, anxiety potentially leading to disease. Alpha waves create an uplifting mood, inner peace and are most recognised in the inner world, a lightly meditative state, such as absorption in a piece of music. Theta brainwave are very slow and are deeply connected to your subconscious, like when dreaming and creative ideas, the slower the brainwaves the more awareness you have and the more creativity you feel.  Children experience a large amount of theta waves that is why they soak up learning.  

Delta waves are very slow and occur when you are deeply asleep in a non-dreaming state. Matsudo-Killani, a professor of Japanese Buddhism, describes these delta waves as a trance-like state experienced in deep meditation, chanting, and I believe healing. In this deep trance-like state, your body resets and becomes regenerative deeply restoring and boosting your brainpower.  It also has anti-aging effects stimulating the release of DHEA and melatonin two powerful anti-aging hormones. 

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, we are connected to the quantum field in the delta wave state, therefore information (and healing) can be communicated between humans over long distances in this state. Meditation researchers also consider the delta brainwave pattern as a state in which you can connect your body and mind to Universal Life Energy. In the lockdown times, I have been able to help clients with online Skype meetings as I visualise and connect with them. 

Happily now, I have resumed hands-on healing and can meet people again in person, in safe conditions ( ). The reassuring same feedback is reported on healing creating a sense of calm, relaxation, pain reduction and feeling restored. Intelligent Energy Healing has a powerful role to play in helping to relax our minds and bodies taking them to a place where their brain rhythms slow down and restore in a profound way.  As our minds and bodies restore at this deep level, it helps us to embrace change as our minds and bodies integrate fully.  Huge insights occur during and after healing helping us to adapt and be ready for change.

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Douglas Ballard
Douglas Ballard

Douglas Ballard is an accomplished international Energy Healer. Douglas is down to earth and very approachable. Currently practicing in Belgravia, London, Douglas is well recognised for his success in treating anxiety, stress, exhaustion, immune-related illness, back, shoulder and post-operative pain. Clients nearly always experience a sense of calm, unwinding and relief on their path to wellbeing. Douglas’s Energy Healing touch works extremely well alongside conventional therapy, helping to mitigate and restore the harsh side-effects of drug treatment, surgery and radiotherapy.

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