A Capsule Wardrobe a day, keeps the blues away: 27 items to transform the way you feel about yourself

A classical casual capsule wardrobe that would suit any age, body shape & size and you can easily tweak it to suit your style further.

The solution to “I have nothing to wear”

Interview with Nadia HARTZER AUSTIN, Fashion blogger and personal stylist

A classical casual capsule wardrobe that would suit any age, body shape & size and you can easily tweak it to suit your style further.

Fashion Blogger Nadia is a visionary and a diligent stylist with several years of experience in the fashion & luxury industry. Over the years, she has developed a precise understanding of the suitability and unsuitability of various clothing items as different styles come in and out of fashion.

Born and raised in South Africa, Nadia moved to Europe in 2004 where lives in Zurich with her “gorgeous and unbelievably healthy husband”. She has a background in sales yet she never enjoyed the corporate culture. Once she entered motherhood she decided the time was right to bring her passion for fashion, creativity and sales experience into a business that lets women be glamorous and save time!

She has created many general capsule guides and has helped many clients privately to improve their wardrobes. Nadia attained hands-on experience in style consultations, revamping clients’ wardrobes and providing customised personal styling advice.

Her creative vision and eye for detail are necessary attributes in the fashion retail industry and her blog Nadisheart is the culmination of her passion and skills – giving women everywhere the benefit of a personal stylist!

What inspired you to create your business?

I love the look in a woman’s eyes when she knows she looks good. She walks with confidence and carries herself with a self-assured presence that puts others at ease and allows her to be fully present in the moment. It is much more than the clothes we wear, but I’ve found that to be a great starting place.

I started my career in personal styling in 2015. My passion for the fashion industry changed my course from being a model to learning all I can about personal styling. In 2017 I completed my personal stylist education at the school of style in New York. Since then I have helped many women to discover their style and created capsule wardrobe guides to make getting dressed less stressful for my clients. I am also the girl behind the blog NADISHEART. Here I share my outfit and style tips among other things. I created different “capsule wardrobe” guides for different seasons to help women get dressed and shop in a fun easy manner. I provide free consulta – tions and I create bespoke solutions to incapsulate a personal style to match my client’s personality.

As much as I loved modelling I just didn’t want to be todo it any more. There is no satisfaction from modelling, and it was very frustrating for me. I didn’t want a 9-5 job either. I had to start to look for something else that would make money but also be something that stimulate me and made me smile. This led me to finally get a formal education in personal styling. I also wanted to do something creative on the side that I was comfortable and familiar with and that is why I started blogging. I have been in the fashion industry for so long and this is what I knew and where my knowledge lies. I have a passion for this industry. I wanted to use the knowledge I have gained from my experience to be creative but also to help others.

What’s the biggest challenge you have faced thus far?

Making money from blogging is not easy, actually it really is a challenge and if you are doing it only to make money you will burn out. It needs to be a passion before a business in my opinion. Being able to write about what I love and my knowledge I have learned over time is an outlet for me. Getting paid for it is a bonus.

What is the biggest impact you are making?

Some Women are just so busy to get a personal stylist, to find the time to come in and consult them, it is an absolute nightmare. My services are tailored for women on the go who want to look good and have confidence in what they wear but don’t like or have time for shopping or appointments for personal consultations. I help them remotely by creating bespoke solutions for their wardrobes and giving them style consultations that are easy to follow, season after season.

How does it work exactly?

I create “wardrobe capsules”. These are easily to follow style guides for different seasons. For example, my Summer 2019 trend and current wardrobe capsule guide. I have spent countless hours of research to tweak a current and classic capsule to make getting dressed easier and to get rid of the cliché of “I have nothing to wear”. Women can then use the capsule to form their own look without the stress. In this guide you get 112 Casual and Smart Casual looks with only 27 items of clothing and shoes.

I have created a classical casual capsule wardrobe that would suit any age, body shape & size and you can easily tweak it to suit your style further. The colour palette I used was blue as my base colour and then coordinated it with white & beige for the essential items. I added pink as an accent colour.

How is my capsule collection different from a usual minimalist capsule? I tweaked it to add fashionable items that are trending insummer 2019 and mixed it with classic items that you will wear again next summer. The best thing about it is that you already own many of these items. You can also click on the links to take you directly to where to buy the things you do not yet own. It all goes back to saving time and not having to go hunting for the items. You will never have to wear the same outfit twice. I also added all the shoes and accessories you will need and your choice will determine how dressy and smart the outfit is.

You can check out the Summer 2019 capsule yourself on my web – site. Have fun with this guide and post your outfits on social media! Other fashionistas can then discover the way you jazzed up this capsule and tweaked it to make it your own.

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