Mothers who inspire their daughters

“My own experiences inspired me to create this organisation. Surviving domestic abuse helped me live my life on purpose. Everything that broke me in the past, is my breakthrough.” Maisha Sumah

Can a mother supported her daughter through years of abuse and the aftermath that followed.

Giving birth to another life brings joy and happiness and mothers from different paths of life are making efforts to understand their daughter’s needs for greater independence. Encouraging your daughter to dream, become their own person, regardless their circumstances, is never easy, especially when they survived domestic abuse.

We reached out to UPF, London to help us find mothers and daughters who are building their relationship, against all challenges, to inspire other women to affirm their womanhood.

Listening to Maisha’s story as she graced the stage at The UPF Conference, in London, I can’t help but share few tears and think how proud her mum must be. At the break, I’ve seen her hugging another young women and as I go closer to them, Maisha says: ”Marina, meet my mother! My mother helped me define my identity and affirm my dreams at every single step of the way. I would not be where I am today without her”. They are both so young, and they really looked like sisters.

Maisha’s main inspiration is her mother, Alimanda Kabba . “Being a single mother of 4 and having faced traumatic life experiences she has always been a loving and caring person who gives her all for my happiness. She is a bold and independent woman that fought and prayed to become who I am today. My mother is a phenomenal , amazing and warm hearted woman.”

Maisha Sumah, 20, from London, is the youngest advocate for domestic abuse survivors. Known as “the voice of voiceless”, she is an expert mental health representative for the BME communities ( Black and Minority Ethnic)  in NHS (National Health Service) in the UK.

“Domestic Violence is a very sensitive subject to touch upon and there are many young or old females and even males who suffer from this or have. “ Margaret Ali, from Universal Peace Federation says.

Founder of “The value of a woman” Maisha is raising awareness on domestic violence and  mental health and provides practical support, mentoring and guidance for women experiencing domestic abuse, to help boost domestic abuse survivors self-esteem.

“Experiencing domestic violence at the early stages of my life, from physical , emotional , sexual and financial abuse, I suffered from depression, eating disorders and suicidal thoughts. My own experiences inspired me to create this organisation. Surviving domestic abuse helped me live my life on purpose. Everything that broke me in the past, is my breakthrough. The sky is not my limit, there is hope and I want to pass that faith and hope to others to help them understand their worth and the power they have to change their life. Happiness and peace is possible for all of us, is real, it can be found, my life transformation is a walking testimony for this.”

Maisha’s platform “She Walks In Value” is designed to host events, seminars , conferences, public speaking and workshops to empower individuals who survive domestic abuse and gives them a voice.” I believe that being the change I want to see in society starts with me, I help women pick themselves back up to be the best that they are destined and can be.”

Women can call 0808 2000 247, the free 24-hour National Domestic Violence Helpline run in partnership between Women’s Aid and Refuge. In an emergency, call 999

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Dr Marina Nani
Dr Marina Nani


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