Freedom Through Wellness

“It is human nature to support each other and connect with people who share the same values in life. “ Mahnaz Sewgobind

Mahnaz Rizwana Sewgobind, 34, lives in Amsterdam and being a gifted and yet compassionate business woman has decided to discover new heights of personal fulfilment: Serving other’s wellbeing. She became a healthcare professional specialising in personal wellness where her professionalism and determination to heal her patients’ pain has gained her a well-deserved international recognition. As a result she often travels abroad to treat private clients who are amazed by her work.

But how exactly did she discover her passion for well-being? 

Little she knew that visiting New York with her family would change her life. During the trip, her mother experienced pain and discomfort in her feet and Mahnaz bought a foot lotion and gave her mother a foot massage. ‘Both of us were feeling the love and care for another. I decided then that I would love to help people with physical problems. Back home, Mahnaz started to study physical therapy and learned about alternative medicine and healing forms like Aryuveda. Later when her clinic was launched, Mahnaz integrated Aryuveda and Yoga into her physical therapy practice.  She is treating people with stress related problems, who experience lower back and or neck pain, often referred by their doctor.

The consultation always starts with a health check, before the massage, which can take up to an hour. The therapy treatment takes up to 6 weeks and helps people who suffer from stress  and all manner of  physio related issues.

However, as a small business it takes time and effort to make a difference in the marketplace. She explains:

“I focus on being available all the time. In the Netherlands, Physiotherapy is popular and makes it difficult to make a name for yourself because there are so many competitors.  The insurance company pays for our patients and they want to pay less every year instead of considering the rise of running business costs.

There is a wide spectrum of services within the healthcare and wellness industry, and as a practitioner you need a good profile to be visible in your niche. I found it challenging to differentiate my unique solution from the rest of the market and show the true benefits of specifics practices and techniques I apply during the treatment. I am happy to go the extra mile and provide an enhanced experience. 

Unlike other therapists available I have the freedom to combine my passion for healing my patients with travel. I love to travel to my clients who live abroad, and more and more international clients are requiring my services. I am told they appreciate the fact I am not just a physiotherapist; I focus on providing a whole body and mind experience. I cure not only their temporary pain, I also make sure that their whole body will become healthier. My clients feel happier at the end of the treatment; and happy clients are the best promotion.”

Mahnaz believes that “It is human nature to support each other and connect with people who share the same values in life. There are moments when you feel lonely or insecure, when you are facing difficulties in life, and being surrounded by like-minded women who are there for you when you need them, gives you the strength you need to succeed. I become aware that serving my community is a two-way street. Nobody can achieve on their own, what they could achieve as a community.

Women always need the love and support of their sisters. We need each other to feel comfort, to inspire each other, to share our knowledge, truth, love and wisdom.  To feel strong as a woman you have to surround yourself with women who are already where you want to be. Women have the emotional intelligence to support other women without competing against each other but sharing success.” 

Being passionate about her work, Mahnaz is finding inspiration, knowledge and wisdom in everyday life, listening to music, while treating her clients, as well as travelling to international business events and engaging with like-minded people in the US, UK, Spain and Germany. Her mentor JT Foxx inspired her to think big and upscale her business internationally. At present she is planning her next trip to India. Waiting with bated breath to see what is happening next…

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