Relocating Your Business To Manchester, The Northern Powerhouse

When considering where to either start or move your business to in the UK, London tends to be a common choice. The capital is well-known for being the place to be for running an exponentially successful company, but this attraction has a lot of downsides to it. Due to these issues, many business owners have been turning their gaze northward over the years to locations with better and cheaper opportunities for expansion, such as the metropolitan borough of Manchester. Here’s why we think Manchester is a great opportunity for your business and some tips on making the move.

Why Not London?

First, this common question must be tackled. London is home to some incredibly profitable businesses, and if you can make it work, then that’s perfect for you. However, London tends to be seen as one of the worst places to grow a business, especially over the past few decades. A lot of the businesses here though are older or are already very successful. The biggest issue is the huge number of companies in the city which not only increases your chances of running into tough competition but adds to the already massive population of the city. This has made the cost of living here incredibly steep and means that your employees will need a higher salary to be able to handle those costs.

Moving Your Workspace

Actually uprooting your office isn’t entirely easy. But with enough careful planning and consideration, managing the move can be much less stressful than you’d think. You’ll want to find a new office space first, with nearby amenities and in an easily accessible location for any members of your team that may be commuting to the new location. Once you make the move, you’ll want to find some secure self storage options in Manchester. Companies such as Easy Access Self Storage provide high security, yet easily accessible storage solutions for you, if you need to move expensive and large office equipment between locations. Your new office may not be big enough yet either, so keeping important items here can free up some space until you find another solution such as setting up a second office somewhere. 

The Benefits Of Choosing Manchester

Straight out of the gate, this Northern city is a much cheaper place to live, with roughly 50% of the living costs that you’ll find in London. If you’ve been in a bar in the north of England, for example, you’ll see the astronomical difference in the cost of food and drink. As a business owner, you’ll also experience much cheaper office spaces, and lower team costs as a result of the lower cost of living. As a city, Manchester is very well connected to the rest of the world. Locally, you’re close to other growing cities like Leeds and Liverpool, and the nearby airport is one of the UK’s largest, connecting you internationally for that potentially bright and global future of your business. You’re also set to prosper from the large and varied talent pool of young professionals and graduates choosing to leave the London life behind. With so many other new and exciting businesses looking to benefit from what the city has to offer, you’re also going to be able to build strong connections, further solidifying a strong foundation.

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Darie Nani
Darie Nani

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