What Your Recovery-Marketing Must Look Like

After 3-4 months of lockdown, now is the right time to begin your marketing push. It’s the one area in your business, that you should not be cutting funding or manpower for. You’re in a rat race now, whether you like it or not. Millions of businesses will be clambering back, trying to get to the top of the marketing pile. You have to be amongst the first to get your name spreading and become viral if you can. However, there are several ways you could achieve this, but which marketing techniques should you trust in more?

Communication and honesty

At the moment, businesses and customers have lost contact with each other. Normally, business owners would wait for their customers to show demand and then supply them with what they want. This line of communication fundamentally has been stopped. So you need to operate with the mentality of your customers’ demands changing from what they previously were. 

Ask yourself these three questions: 

  1. How can you meet their demands? Supply chains need to be ready to change to whatever the marketing results show you. 
  2. How will you be able to measure success? If the market demand has been halved, obviously, you cannot deem your normal performance feats, as attainable right now. So how many sales is enough to show you, you’re growing or at least maintaining stability?
  3. What are your specific goals? You have to set realistic markers so you have a plan of action for employees to meet.

Be absolutely honest with your customers in your marketing approach. Lay the cards out on the table, by highlighting the challenges consumers and businesses face and how you think, you could both get back to how it was pre-COVID-19.

Show and tell

Video marketing is by far, your most powerful tool at this moment. Work with a creative video production company, who will create an advert in an emotional storytelling style. Your marketing team should work with them, to create an honest, inspiring and captivating advert. The setting should be the present, i.e. after the pain and heartache of the pandemic, people are just emerging from their homes. Finish with a message of hope, recovery and rebuilding as a society, and how your business will play a role in it. Keep it within 30 seconds as this is what online audiences prefer. YouTube is the best platform on which to market your video advertisement. 

Content will set you free

Brilliantly-written and interesting content will be a massive hit on social media. You need to write content that speaks of the occasion, how your product can be used and in what setting. The public is remaining reactive to what’s going on and getting their news feed and educational articles, on social media. You can make blog posts that are purely fixated on one subject matter or you can make them a casual read, mixing in different settings and scenarios. 

Reconnecting with your customers is a big deal and in this cautious environment and public pain, you need to focus on genuine heartfelt emotion and messages of hope in your marketing campaign.

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