Top 5 Things To Consider When Renovating Your Business’ Offices

If your business has enjoyed a good financial year, just secured a big new contract, or possessing capital it is wishing to reinvest, then you may well be considering putting some of those additional funds towards an office refurbishment. In which case, we’ve got you covered. 

There is a lot to think about when renovating your firm’s office space and plenty that almost always gets overlooked. Fortunately, this run-through highlights the top five considerations that you ought to be making.


Arguably most importantly is deciphering what sort of budget you have to play with when it comes to the renovation. This will largely be decided for you by the nature of your finances, however, plenty can be done even with very limited cash. 

What is important is to maximise your budget as best you can and not to spend too much money on one element of the office revamp. For instance, if you spot the perfect desk for your personal office but the price tag makes your eyes water, then it’s probably best not to buy for the greater good of the project. 

It’s sensible to assign a pot of funds to each element of the renovation as this will help you to remain on track and avoid any overspend. After all, you don’t want to be in a position where all the money has run out and you’re still short on the necessary number of chairs to seat your employees! 


Your next step, and another key consideration, should be to draw up your aims for the renovation project. The first, most obvious one ought really to be to make the space look a lot better than it did previously, with a new sleek design and modern features.

However, you may also wish to use the refurbishment as an opportunity to execute a new vision for the way you see your office and its employees working moving forward. Setting goals helps to keep you on track throughout the renovation and reminds you to stick to the reasons why you are doing this in the first place.


Identifying an overarching style for the office refit is going to be key – and you must pay close attention to this throughout. You may wish to consult an interior designer or specialist architecture firm if you are planning drastic changes to get things right and to stick to one consistent style. 

Consider different furniture options to suit the space you have available to you. You ideally want to be making the most of the limited floor space you have with flexible furniture that can accommodate more employees. That said, you ought to ensure that whichever furniture you buy fits in with the overall style of the office revamp. One wrong shade of wood can really stand out!


Consider the thoughts and feelings of your staff before beginning any renovation project. It is worth having an open discussion with your employees about what they like about your existing space and what they would change given the opportunity to do so. 

Perhaps you could send around a survey to each of your team members and ask them for their thoughts on the planned office refurbishment to gather a bit of initial feedback before drawing up any plans with your designer? It’s worth a thought! After all, your employees are going to be the ones using the space most of all, so they will want to feel comfortable in the new space. 


Finally, look to other formal organisations for inspiration on how they set-up their respective buildings. Schools and colleges are a great place to start, as they share many of the same features as conventional offices. Like many office spaces, schools also face several complex challenges for their heating requirements. Many school heating systems are worth considering for your office space when renovating as they are designed with similar layouts in mind.

Equally, many modern public sector buildings boast incredible design features that may be worth replicating at your brand-new offices. Why not spend lunch-time walking around the various office spaces and building in your city looking for inspiration? You might discover something you had never thought of. Pinterest is also a really good tool for this sort of discovering and is well worth consideration at the start of any office renovation project.

In summary, there remains a lot to mull over before undergoing this kind of office refurbishment project. However, if you stick to a budget, have clear aims in mind, consult your staff, and seek inspiration, then you will end up with a glorious looking home for your business that you can be proud of.

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