Excellent Customer Service: The Key Ingredient For All Food Businesses

If you’re running a food business, be it a restaurant, cafe, or a mobile service , there is much you can do to ensure success. 

You can perfect your menu, with food and drink items that will tempt any passing customer into your premises. You can adorn your walls with themed decor, and provide the best in cafe tables and chairs to ensure their comfort. And you can locate yourself in the centre of town to ensure people can’t fail to see what you are offering. 

By taking such steps, you can attract people to your business. But the key ingredient to success is excellent customer service, as without it, your business could fail.

Why Does Excellent Customer Service Matter?

#1: Your reputation is at risk

If you don’t provide your customers with an excellent service, you can expect bad word-of-mouth about your business. Of course, this is true for any type of business, but as there is an abundance of restaurant review sites online, the bad word they spread will be available for all the world to see. A one-star review will not stand you in good stead, and neither will the words of criticism that may be written about your business, so this is something you need to take into consideration.

#2: You aren’t the only food business on the block

If you were the only business selling food on your block, you would have little need to worry. However, the food industry is incredibly overcrowded, and chances are, there are many establishments open to paying customers in your locale. If you screw up your customer service, your rivals are going to benefit. The people who would have used your business will pop over the road to another food establishment, and you will have to say goodbye to those customers who could have remained loyal to you. 

#3: You might make a loss

Running a food business isn’t cheap, as you have many overheads to consider. From the cost of the appliances in your kitchen to the price of the food you need to buy from your suppliers, you will be met with a number of expenses. Of course, the more customers you have the better, as you will reap back any money spent. But if they don’t show up because of your bad reputation, you are going to run at a loss. This could be disastrous for your business. 

How To Provide Excellent Customer Service

So, take heed. In all you do, keep excellent customer service in mind. The following suggestions should serve your business well.

1. Be respectful of your customers when they come through your doors, with the appropriate titles, such as ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am’.

2. Train all of your employees in customer service skills so everybody can give your customers a very pleasant experience.

3. Ensure your customers aren’t kept waiting for long, perhaps by hiring more employees in your kitchen to increase food prep efficiency.

4. Apologise to your customers if there are any delays, and even offer a discount if appropriate.

5. If there are any complaints, deal with them correctly . Fix whatever has gone wrong, and be mindful of your words and body language when talking to your disgruntled customer.

6. Go the extra mile, with free wifi for your customers, table activities for younger members of the family, and promises of a discount if they return to your business. 

Excellent Customer Service Matters

Excellent customer service matters in all businesses, but at a time when there are food businesses opening up everywhere, it is something you should take seriously if you are in this industry. Take heed then and follow our suggestions. 

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