MTEX/B2B Marketing Expo: 2020’s Definitive B2B Marketing event is almost here!

The B2B Marketing Expo and MTEX returns once again, bringing you the very latest innovations, technologies and marketing strategies to London’s ExCeL on the 25th & 26th of March!

Under the new ownership of Roar Techmedia, the B2B Marketing Expo and Marketing Technology Expo will be bigger than ever in 2020, as they provide you with the latest in the world of marketing and martech all under one roof. 

Industry-leading experts from the likes of VanillaSoft , Cognism , Adzooma , and Lead Forensics will be on hand to enlighten visitors with the very best marketing guidance available; while an array of the industry’s biggest brands and most innovative suppliers will be showcasing the solutions shaping the future of marketing!

The B2B Marketing Expo will introduce a plethora of masterclasses. Giving visitors the opportunity to apply the latest marketing solutions to real-world business scenarios, enabling all to improve their marketing abilities. The fully-interactive sessions will look at the future of specific marketing trends, how we can prepare for them, and even work on them at the show! This way you can benefit from free consultations and demonstrations to provide your marketing team with that crucial competitive edge.   

As we gear up for what will be the headline B2B marketing event in the 2020 calendar, we reached out to Prysm Media Group ’s Marketing Executive, Jonty Fletcher to find out what else is in store for visitors.

How would you describe MTEX/B2B Marketing Expo to someone who hasn’t attended before? What makes the event so unique?

As Europe’s leading marketing and martech event, we pride ourselves on bringing the latest strategies, innovations and technology to improve their day-to-day marketing . This means that we look to provide them with the biggest names in the industry, including leading experts from global brands. 

We also aim to cover the latest trends in marketing, providing unique content that encompasses present and future strategies, such as the emergence of influencer marketing and how it can be adapted for B2B marketing. 

You will have 300 seminars and 150 masterclasses from top industry speakers this year. What is your selection process?

When we select our keynote speakers, we aim for the best. That’s why we’re bringing forward industry-leading experts from Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Shutterstock and more! We want to bring our marketing attendees insights from the best in the business, and that’s why we want to keep them updated with what’s changing in marketing. 

We also aim to provide our visitors with the most engaging educational masterclasses, so that they can enrich their experience with actionable strategies to improve their marketing. 

What will be the key subject on the agenda this year?

The key trend for our show this year is to focus on what’s new in the world of marketing. This is an area that is ever-changing, and with the constant advancement in technology, we want to equip our visitors with the tools to stay on top of the latest trends.

We have a greater focus on marketing automation and Artificial Intelligence in marketing this year, as it is something that is constantly evolving and improving, making it easier for marketers to keep track of their main drivers for their business. 

Any scoops you can share with us on the confirmed speakers for B2B/MTEX?

This year we have Eimear Hughes coming to speak on behalf of Twitter about their marketing! This is a fantastic insight as Eimear looks to tell us how Twitter aim to improve their B2B connections for businesses that are using their platform. This is going to be a fantastic keynote as many people will want to optimise their B2B marketing on the social media site! 

Even more so, George Morris will be joining us from Facebook to talk about how businesses can increase the sophistication of their marketing on Facebook, making sure that marketers are really getting the most out of their digital marketing campaigns! It really is a fantastic time to improve your social media strategies, which are some of the most important parts of marketing now!

There’s a lot happening on stage, but what about backstage? Any real deals?

One of the main reasons that our visitors come to the show is to meet new suppliers. They can find out about the latest technology and solutions in the marketing industry while gaining hands-on experience! Everyone can also enjoy our free masterclasses that provide real-world marketing situations and educational practices on how to overcome modern-day issues!

Furthermore, this year we’ve introduced a new feature where visitors can pre-book a one-to-one consultation with any of our exhibitors – absolutely free of charge! This is something that would usually cost a lot, so we’re delighted that we can provide this for our attendees so that they can truly make the most of their time with us!

Who are the main partners to organise B2B and MTEX?

We have some fantastic partners for the B2B Marketing Expo and MTEX, many of which are delivering some unbelievable content throughout the show so be sure to look out for them! We have partners performing on panels, delivering keynotes and more! The content is what really makes our show great, so we’re really happy with what we’re going to be providing for our visitors this year.

So can you sum up why people should be at MTEX/B2B in London this March?

We believe that people should be at the show this year because they are innovative, forward-thinking marketers. We love marketing just as much as them, so we can’t wait for all of the networking, educational masterclasses, innovative new tech on show and to hear from the incredible speakers! This is Europe’s Leading Marketing Event, and we want everyone to enjoy, learn and explore over the two fantastic days with us at the show!

More about MTEX/B2B Marketing Expo

Join thousands of targeted Marketing Professionals as you engage with the industry’s leading experts and enhance your own professional development. You will also be provided the opportunity of coming face-to-face with Europe’s leading exhibitors! This means that you will be presented with hands-on experience of their latest technology! 

Furthermore, in 2020, MTEX/B2B Expo will be bringing you a vast array of the industry’s leading keynote speakers who will be detailing their experiences in their specialist sectors. These invaluable insights will enrich you with talks on how they progressed in their industry, the main challenges and solutions that they have come across, and any innovative techniques that they use in the world of both marketing and martech. In between these talks you can explore many different seminars which are specifically tailored to cover every aspect of the industry! Some of the largest companies in the world will be represented as we hear from professionals from Lead Forensics, Distract and Leadfeeder with many more headline keynote speakers yet to be announced for the show this March! 

With such a wealth of knowledge all in one place, you will be able to take your business to the next level by applying your well-developed marketing skills and building lasting connections. 

An invaluable part of the event is to meet and network with like-minded industry peers and share new ideas and approaches to marketing and advertising. You’ll meet a range of marketing and advertising professionals including Marketing Directors, Chief Marketing Officers, Heads of Marketing and many more! 

Make sure to register for your free ticket now so you don’t miss out on the conversation! 

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