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Nowadays, technology is part and parcel of today’s world. Technology is being applied in almost each industry, from the health care industry to the transportation industry. The shift of the world to the digital era has made things quite easier than before since it is much simpler to connect to people from all over the world with just a single click.

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Technology has made systems more efficient and straightforward and its application in the corporate world has made it grow rapidly. The use of technology in businesses increases the efficiency of products and services, thus bettering the entire world. For some people, technology might be difficult to grasp but in fact, with the right guidance, technology can be the best thing that could have ever happened to your businesses.

For instance, while giving thought to marketing, physical marketing is time-consuming and tiring compared to online marketing. Online marketing allows your business to reach a huge number of individuals within a short period with just a few simple steps.

For you to market your products and services efficiently, you have to make use of the trending hashtags and the most used social media platforms to attract more traffic to their website.

However, with every good thing, there is a negative side. You might experience some problems with the digitalization and that might push to get a professional team to help you manoeuvre through the new technology updates. Information technology is the use of computers to store, retrieve, process and exchange data and information.

Below are things you should give thought to better your business technology-wise;

How important is it to secure your data when owning a business?

Starting a business, let alone controlling one, is a huge task and most people quit before they get too far. Data is important but keeping it secure is a difficult task. You have to ensure that your business data is secure to prevent any unwanted hands getting your data.

Once a computer hacker or a criminal gets a hold of your personal data, they could use it for illegal purposes and even pretend to be you and conduct a number of activities you wouldn’t do. It is very important to secure your data as a business owner for your business safety as well as that of your employees. Keeping your data safe ensures that you are safe from cyber-crimes and it also saves you a lot of cash.

How common is it to get hacked when owning a business and what can you do to prevent it?

With owning a business, comes great responsibility and you have to be prepared for all the ups and downs you will encounter. It is common for businesses to get hacked but lucky for you, there are a few things you can do to keep your business safe from the hackers.

One of them is having an antivirus software in all the devices used to run your business. Antivirus software, for example Avira free antivirus for windows, runs tests on your devices regularly to see if there is any risk of getting hacked. If this software detects any virus on your computers, it blocks and deletes them to prevent chances of the virus getting into your computers again.

You can also set up a firewall to ensure that your devices are connected to the internet securely. Firewalls ensure that your devices are protected from the ports, which is where information is exchanged.

What can you do after you got hacked? What data is most likely to be attacked or stolen?

After getting hacked, one could feel devastated and hopeless since you realize that your personal and extremely sensitive information is at the hands of people you don’t know. Vulnerability is a human emotion that no one likes and after being hacked, you might think that’s the end for your business.

After getting hacked, change all your passwords and secure your log-in process to avoid getting hacked again. But to prevent all that, you have to be extremely careful on how you keep your data safe.

Data that is most likely to be stolen is payment data, medical records, authentication details, classified information and also copyrighted material. This is sensitive data and you should take the utmost good care of it to prevent any computer hackers from accessing it.

Top 5 tech resolutions for your business

In order to take care of your business in a better way, you should add these tech resolutions to your day-to-day activities. One is to train your employees on data security, password security and threat response.

Effective training programs will have productive results. Another resolution is technology modernization, this is whereby you ensure that all software you use is updated to the new models thus improving efficiency.

Another tech resolution you could employ in your business is having a backup plan. You should not store data with the hope that you will never lose it, having a backup plan ensures that your data is still safe.

A tech resolution you should really consider is using new passwords. Most people like to reuse passwords since it is easier that way instead of putting up new passwords and forgetting them in a short period.

Find a good password manager and make good use of it. The final tech resolution is deploying a VPN, which is virtual private network. Having a VPN ensures the connection your organization uses is secure, and it also prevents cases of getting hacked.

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